Commandment Breakers:
Taking Gods Besides God [Quote – 1003]

Mar 22, 2020

Wages of Sin is Death!

So said someone. It is the Bible I think.

And I don’t think there is a greater sin than breaking God’s Commandments — in the Bible and in the Qur’an.

And the greatest and most important Commandment in the Bible — and in the Qur’an — is the one that clearly and emphatically says: 

Thou Shalt Take No God Besides God!

It is the first of the Ten Commandments given by Moses in the Bible. 

Jesus Christ called it the most important of all Commandments.

And this Commandment is emphasized in the Qur’an any number of times. In fact, all the teachings of the Qur’an revolve on the centrality of this Commandment.

And we human beings do nothing but break that Commandment. And we do that willfully, knowingly and persistently, and in every way we can.

And, at the same time, the whole world watches silently and helplessly. There is no lucid, coherent, credible, discernible, audible voice asking people not to do so.

And among those frozen into stupefaction and silence against the Raging Sin of Taking gods besides God are Muslims.

Muslims are people whom God specifically raised into this world to raise their voice against the Raging Sin of Taking gods besides God and call the world to the worship of one God to the exclusion of all other Gods.

The Deadly Sin of Taking gods besides God rages everywhere. And the response from all sides is bewilderment and silence, including Muslims.

We don’t seem to realize that we have all become Commandment Breakers. Some through our actions. And some others through our silence and inaction.

Is it any wonder then if God Almighty draws our attention to our Sin through all kinds of Trials and Tribulations?

Including the present menace of Coronavirus, COVID-19?

Is this a call from God to Repentance from the Mortal Sin of Taking gods besides God?


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