Competing against Shaitan: A Most Formidable Challenge

Aug 28, 2014

Competing against Shaitan: A Most Formidable Challenge

Dr. Pasha

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Those Working for Allah, Beware!

Those Working for Allah must realize that they are constantly competing and working against Shaitan, who is their arch-enemy -- and the enemy of every human being on earth.

As the Qur'an warns in the most stark terms:

Innash Shaitana Lil-Insaani 'Aduwwun Mubeen.

Shaitan's Victims

And Shaitan is a most formidable force in this world to combat and to work against. Most people do not realize this simple fact of life. 

Shaitan is everywhere and he is highly resourceful -- and most cunning and deceitful.

As a result, most people become easy prey for Shaitan, whom he, Shaitan, then leads happily into hell.

Shaitan Will Disown and Abandon His Victims

On the Day of Judgment, however, Shaitan will completely abandon and disown you. And he will say:

"Don't blame me, blame yourself. 

All I did was to shout out to you, and to call and invite you. 

And you responded to my call and you came to me on your own -- willingly."

Read the Qur'an where Allah provides us a transcript of this perfect and clear disclaimer from Shaitan.

List of Shaitan's Victims

The list of Shaitan's victims, and of those people whom Shaitan will lead to hell-fire and damnation, is a very long one. And it includes both Muslims and non-Muslims, even though Allah's Rahmat will always get between a Believer and the Fire of Hell.

One of the biggest tragedies of human life is, and that means Muslim life as well, that people not only become Shaitan's victim, but a lot of them -- all too, too many of them -- are also perfectly willing to "Get in Bed," as they say, with the enemy -- the Devil

That mean to join in a partnership with Shaitan, and collaborate with him, and help Shaitan in the achievement of his goals and purposes.

Muslims as Well as Non-Muslims

And that includes all kinds of people: Muslim as well as non-Muslim. 

And that may include some of those who set out on the mission of Working for Allah.

And then along the way, Shaitan started to pay special attention to them, and they readily leaped into his pocket.

Ulama, Shaikhs and Leaders among Shaitan's Conquests

And the list of Shaitan's Conquests and Victims may include even some of the so-called Good People.

And some of these so-called Good People may include some who may be occupying positions of considerable power, prestige and influence among Muslims -- and in the world.

What is more, some of these people may even pass for "Scholars," "Ulama," "Leaders," "Sheeks" and "Mevlanas."

Venerable Muslim Institutions

Some of them may even be associated with such venerable Muslim Institutions as Al-Azhar and others.

And OIC -- Organization of Islamic Cooperation or Countries.

And others.

And the "Muftis" of this land or that land -- like the Grand Mufti of Egypt.

Kings and Presidents

And the Presidents and Kings of this or that "country." Many of these so-called countries carved in desert sand by British and French Colonial Conquerors.

And many of these so-called Kings, Presidents and other "Leaders" either directly appointed by, or in the pay of, or answering to, foreign Colonial and Imperial Masters and Puppeteers -- such as the British, the French and others.

Sorry folks, but there you have it. I can't put it to you more plainly. 

Someone needed to do this: give you a chance to hear the plain truth. What can I do if that onerous burden fell on my weak shoulders.

But this world lives or perishes based on if there is even one single man -- one voice -- speaking the truth.

A-Laisa Minkum Rajulun Rasheed.

Understanding What Is Going On

If you pay serious attention to what I am saying here, you will begin to understand at least a little bit of the history of Muslims over the past several centuries.

And you will also be able to make sense of some of what is going on with the Muslims right now -- throughout the so-called Muslim World.

Including Palestine.

Ignorant People, Sell-Out Leaders

It is the story of a People (Muslims!many of whose leaders "Sold Out," as they say -- "Got in Bed with Shaitan," as some people would say -- and of a People (Muslims!) that chose Ignorance over Knowledge and Superstition over Enlightenment.

As the Qur'an says:

Fastahabbul 'Amaa 'Alal Hudaa!


It is the manifestation of Sunnatullah -- Allah's Law -- in this world.

And it is the fate of a People -- any people, Muslim or otherwise -- whose leaders sell out and who themselves -- the ordinary people, the general masses -- remain steeped in ignorance and in every kind of backwardness and darkness.


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