Consistency and Persistence:
That Is What Islam Is All About [Quote – 572]

Sep 4, 2014

Allah bless those who are doing the rounds of universities, schools and markets talking to people about Islam.

And handing them literature on Islam.

These good folks should bear one simple point in mind: Consistency and persistence are key requirements of Islam.

The key features of Islam are not so much innovation and creativity, even though they are, as endurance and predictability. 

Islam is not a flash-in-the-pan operation. It is not a one-shot deal. Islam is a lifelong commitment and dedication to certain carefully considered values, beliefs, goals and practices.

So, the true test of the success of this new Operation Outreach is that people should say — after 50 years from today: 

“Where is the man — or was it a woman? — who used to stand under that tree and give out pamphlets on Islam?

Haven’t seen them in a while.

Are they all right, do you think?”


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