Conversations with Dr. Pasha

Mar 3, 2024

Conversations with Dr. Pasha

February 5th 2024

Allah bless those who support our work. And those who don't.

We are trying to revive a program that has been dead for years. It is now called Conversations with Dr. Pasha.

It is a fairly free and frank discussion of Anything Islam, Muslims and the World that the audience may want. 

If there is an audience that is. If no one shows up, I just sit and try to read some Qur'an, whatever Allah makes easy and possible.

As Allah says:

Faqra-oo Maa Tayassara Minal Qur'an.

That means just light a candle and keep it burning.

Thus, every Sunday, we meet at 10:30 AM and do this program: Conversations with Dr. Pasha

But now there is some feedback that it would be better if the program were reset to start at 11:00 AM, instead of its present time of 10:30 AM.

So, inshallah, we shall, with Allah's help, go ahead and reset the Sunday Conversations Start Time to 11:00 AM starting from February 11, 2024.

And inshallah the new time will be announced on the Masjid bulletin, if there is one.

By Allah's Grace and Mercy, we had a good meeting yesterday. It included some 6-7 children and 4-5 adults. 

If you ask me, every meeting is a good meeting, provided one's heart is in the right place. And provided that meeting is undertaken for the right reasons.

If we are doing a meeting for Allah, and purely for Allah, then we should know that Allah is with us all the time, and everywhere.

Wa Huwa Ma'akum Ayinamaa Kuntum.

But if we are doing a meeting for people, then people will come and go. Or they will come not at all. 

And the only thing, it seems, Allah will look at, right here in this world, as well as after death, is what is hiding in our heart. Then Allah will pronounce his judgement based on that.

Innamal A'amaalu Binniyyaati.

What else is there to say?

It is my view that we should keep this Conversations Candle burning and alive for as long as we can. For as long as Allah wants and allows us to do.

No matter who comes and who does not. 


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