Coronavirus Needs a Vaccine and a Cure,
But Kufr and Shirk and Human Misery Do Not? [Quote – 1001]

Mar 19, 2020

Allah bless all those who turn to the Qur’an for guidance. And may Allah specially bless those who work to make the Qur’an accessible to others.

One of the great failures of this Ummah — Muslims I mean — has been its inability to place in the hands of every English-speaking Muslim and Non-Muslim a perfectly easy-to-read copy of an excellent English translation of the Qur’an such as that by the late Yusuf Ali.

Translation-only paperback with large font, wonderful spacing and attractive to look at, without all the vulgar gimmicks of color-coding.

It should be in every hand everywhere.

For, now and forever, Qur’an is the only vaccine and the only cure there is for the common human misery that results from rebelling against God and rejecting his guidance.

Kufr means denying God. And Shirk is what the Second Commandment is all about: associating all kinds of partners and fellow-deities with God.

And Kufr and Shirk are to the human soul what the Coronavirus could be to the human body.

If we have not learned that lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic, we have not learned anything.


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