Coronavirus Times:
Empowered through the Qur'an [Quote - 1011]

Apr 2, 2020

Allah bless all those reading the Qur'an and all those organizing Khatms of the Qur'an in groups and collectivities. 

Even in these times of general distress, helplessness, confusion and fear, these Muslim individuals and groups can and do read their Qur'an. What a wonderful and blessed state to be in. 

Qur'an is an inexhaustible, and readily accessible, source of all that human beings may crave during these times of pervasive uncertainty and insecurity. 

Qur'an has light, and health, and security, and peace, and joy, and comfort, and nourishment, and strength, and fortitude, and power to offer even in these troubled times. 

And forever thereafter, including in the graves which we all will attain sooner or later.

Nothing empowers people, and nothing lights up their path, like the Qur'an.

So, now, as always, is the time to read as much Qur'an as one can, both as individuals and groups, and make Tawubah, and ask Allah for what everybody in the world seems to crave right now: Freedom from this deadly virus and from all seen and unseen Balaa's and Wabaa's.

Plagues and pestilences!


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