And Talking about Allah in America!

Nov 30, 2020


And Talking about Allah in America!

Dr. Pasha

Year 2020 is drawing to a close. Times are tough. Challenges everywhere.

There is Surge upon Surge in Coronavirus cases. With experts warning about worse to come.

The world is beginning to drop its make-up and its glitter. And it is beginning to look like what it really is: an ephemeral, mercurial, unstable, treacherous place. 

Nobody's friend! And true and loyal and faithful to no one!

Just like Allah describes in the Qur'an it is. Just like Allah said it will be.

Fa-Laa Taghurrannakum Al-Hayaatud Duniya!

Just like the Qur'an warned in reference to Shaitan and his guile:

Wa Laa Yaghurrannakum Billahil Gharoor!

Just like that most amazing man Iqbal said:

Kiya Hai Tum Ney Mataa-e Gharoor Ka Sawuda!

In America, doctors will not see patients. All or most what are called "Elective Surgeries and Procedures" are gone and big-name hospitals are incurring loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The most cruel and heartless Zulm of exploitation, greed, profiteering and ruthlessness that used to be -- and continues to be -- perpetrated on the naive, captive, uninformed and highly Pavloved (conditioned, brainwashed and programmed) American people by the American Healthcare Industry seems to have peaked.

Muslim medical practitioners in America have been, over the past 50 years, a part of this cruel and heartless Zulm of Greed and Exploitation.

And they continue to be.

There is not one voice among them that I know that is calling people to Allah; reminding people about Allah, and about Aakhirah

And offering alternative and better ways of thinking and living and doing business, medical and otherwise, that Islam came in this world to give the world.

And to set up and establish in the world.

And that Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, toiled so mightily and so tirelessly all his life, and endured all kinds of hardships, to give and to show this world.

Not one Muslim voice to be heard anywhere that I know of. Muslims have become Stakeholders in this Great Big Operation Zulm in America.

The Zulm by the American Healthcare Industry on the American People.

Are the American People not Allah's Khalq? Will they not stand up on the Day of Judgement and say to Allah: 

"Ya Rabb!
We were wronged. Worst kind of Zulm was perpetrated upon us.
And your Muslims watched. In fact, your Muslims teamed up with the Zaalim against us. They joined the Zaalim in Zulm!"

Instead of being the voice of Haq and Truth and Justice in America, Muslims of America have struck a partnership in the business of Exploitation and Greed.

American Muslim Medical Practitioners have joined Operation Zulm on the side of the Zaalim against the Mazloom.

Muslims of America have lost their Paradise -- The American Paradise -- one more time.

Just when the time came for them to stand up and be counted, on the side of Truth and Haq and Justice, they decided not only to be silent and go dormant, they decided to Get in Bed with the EnemyShaitan and his Forces of Greed and Lies and Deceit and Exploitation.

And Zulm!

In this stifling and toxic wilderness, I want to talk.

Talk about Allah, and about Allah's Book the Qur'an, and about the Master of the Two WorldsSayyidul Kawunain, Allah's Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

But who will I talk to? And how?

There is nobody to hear me. No Muslims and no Non-Muslims. They are all busy doing their own thing.

While I am burning in the fire that is consuming me from all sides: the fire to speak and to share ideas and thoughts.

Ideas and thoughts that are all derived from Allah's Book the Qur'an.

For, that is what Allah has given me the ability to do.

But who will I speak to? Who will hear my voice?

I see nobody around!


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