Crime & Punishment in Egypt and International Law

Oct 26, 2013

Here is some food for thought for the criminals, goons and fiends who launched the criminal coup d’état in Egypt on July 3, 2013, and let loose all hell on Egypt’s ancient and blessed soil and peaceful innocent people:

With connivance and complicity from your domestic and foreign mentors and paymasters, both Muslim and non-Muslim,

You launched a criminal coup d’état against a democratically elected Egyptian government;

You overthrew the legitimate civilian government of Egypt;

You kidnapped the legally elected president of Egypt and are holding him captive;

You have packed your jails with thousands of political opponents;

You are subjecting countless Egyptian civilians to some of the worst torture and abuse ever invented by human imagination;

You have denied countless Muslim dead bodies your military and police killed to the dignity and human right of a decent and dignified Muslim burial;

You brutally and barbarically slaughtered thousands of unarmed, innocent, civilian men and women all across Egypt whose only crime was that they were out peacefully protesting your criminal and fiendish actions in destroying Egypt’s Democracy;

You abolished the democratically elected parliament, the best Egypt had ever seen in its entire history;

You abrogated the popularly drafted and ratified Egyptian Constitution that 65 percent of the Egyptian people voted for.

Criminals and goons and fugitives from international justice: Here is some news for you!

Slowly but surely the arm of International Law is stirring and reaching out for you and for all your helpers, enablers, supporters, financiers, instigators, paymasters, collaborators, partners-in-crime and media cheer leaders, both foreign and domestic.

That means you can run all you want; but there is no place for you and your friends to hide anywhere on God’s earth. You surely remember the fate that God Almighty meted out to the worm-in-human-shape who used to call himself King of Kings (Shahinshah) of Iran, when the hand of history and retribution caught up with him? He had no place to hide when he ran with his loot and his life. Not even America, and no other civilized place on earth, was able to give him shelter – and a decent place to die. Till a Convenient Cancer visited upon him an ignominious death, right on your own soil of Egypt, where earlier criminals, just like you, gave him refuge and shelter, so he may escape from the torment and shame of this world to eternal damnation and punishment of Hell in the next world.

For, in crimes such as yours, crimes of “coup cases” as one source called them, there is neither a Statute of Limitation nor a question of the applicability of the principle of Irretroactivity. There is nothing but shame and disgrace for you in this world. And God’s eternal damnation is lying in wait for you when you go to meet your maker, as surely you will.

That means neither space nor time can save you.

And don’t forget the principle of Universal Jurisdiction. That means any competent authority anywhere with jurisdiction can try you and have your hide.

According to European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), the perpetrators of crimes such as yours could be tried in accordance with International Law and held accountable at any time and in any place with appropriate jurisdiction.

Below is a direct quote from a respected legal authority:

“Holding the dictatorships reigning in Latin America responsible for killings, acts of torture and missing persons during their rules has been possible thanks to the implementation of international law. Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay are some of these countries. The rulings of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights suggest that statutes of limitations and the irretroactivity of law do not apply for coup regimes.”

So, criminals, torturers, barbarians, fiends, both inside and outside Egypt, who are trying to kill Egypt’s Democracy: Start counting your hours!

For, the clock of International Law is ticking. And the bell you hear tolls for you and your friends.


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