Democracy Is from God and Dictatorship Is from the Devil [Quote - 908]

Jan 26, 2018

For all the confused people in the world, including many super-confused Muslims, let me make it as clear and straightforward as I can: Democracy is from God and Dictatorship is from the Devil.

To the extent Democracy implies rights, freedoms and opportunities for participation and representation for “The People” at all levels, and in every aspect and sphere of Society, it is from God Almighty. And it embodies the essence and the spirit of Islam. 

This was the very mission of Islam on this earth: To make Peace and Justice and Tranquility prevail on earth.

And to grant all the most wonderful rights to all human beings. From basic Human Dignity to Life, Liberty and the Freedom of Conscience and Belief and Expression.

And the right to Health and Healthcare for All.

And the right to a decent Livelihood and adequate Shelter.

And the untrammeled right to universal Education for every male and female in the Domain.

And the right of full Participation in the Electoral Process and of Choosing their own Leaders and Governments.

These are some of the rights that Islam came into the world to give all of God’s Creation.

Dictatorship on the other hand, any kind or type of Dictatorship, whether it is a civilian or military dictatorship, or a hereditary monarchy, pure and simple, that limits the rights and freedoms of “The People” in any form or fashion, and denies them opportunities for full participation and representation in the Political Process and in Government, is from the Devil.

And it represents all that is alien and hostile and antithetical to Islam.

And it embodies all that the Devil tries to create on earth.


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