Democracy Is Islam! [Quote – 349]

May 17, 2012

“Democracy is Islam!

For those who understand both Islam and democracy, and the world in which we live, there is no doubt about the fact that democracy is Islam.

Do you think that is partly why the Qur’an mandated education – including a thorough knowledge and understanding of the world, for example – before people begin to even think or talk about Islam.

Leave alone boast and brag about it.

Why do you think God started his message to the world with the command: Read?


Do you think it is a subtle hint from the creator of the world that Islam was not going to be a playground for fools, nincompoops and ignoramuses?

That it was a declaration from God that Islam was not going to be a bonanza for sundry Snake-Oil Merchants?

And for the marketers of all kinds of Mumbo-Jumbo in the name of what the world so glibly calls “Religion”?

Take heed people, Islam is democracy. That means, no democracy, no Islam.”

Dr. Pasha

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