Devil Wears the Turban!

Dec 4, 2019


Devil Wears the Turban!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur’an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It —
And which One Does Not?)

The Devil May Wear a Turban! The Devil May Sport a Beard! And the Devil May Flaunt All the Flowing Saintly Robes of a “Shaikh” or a “Mowlana“!
But, Underneath All That Disguise, The Devil Is Still the Devil!

Make no mistake: The man called Mowlana Fazlur Rahman is a Devil in Disguise

His agenda is to unseat the democratically elected Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan. Nothing less.

Those seem to be the Marching Orders the Devil in a Mowlana’s garb seems to have received from his Masters and Minders and Handlers from both inside and outside the country of Pakistan: Get Rid of Khan, Period!

In doing so, Fazlur Rahman wants to destabilize the Pakistan Government and Society and return Pakistani Government and society and national institutions to the corrupt elite who controlled them before Imran Khan took power a little over a year ago.

By admission of both friend and foe, Imran Khan is not a corrupt man. And he works endless hours, almost day and night, and without a salary, at his job.

Fazlur Rahman is the Hitman chosen to do this Hatchet Job on Khan and the People of Pakistan by powerful dark forces inside Pakistan and around the world. 

Fazlur Rahman is the Devil carrying out the commands of the Council of Devils around the world to deal a death-blow to Islam and Muslims in Pakistan and return it to the Dark Ages in which Pakistan existed before Khan.

Fazlur Rahman’s main charge against Khan is that he is not a legitimate leader of the country.

But much more than all that, Fazlur Rahman’s true agenda is to divert world attention from the ongoing Genocide of Eight Million Muslims in Kashmir at the hands of India’s Fascist Government of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah

And to provide a perfect Smokescreen to enable India’s Fascist Narendra Modi-Amit Shah Regime to consolidate and cement its illegal annexation and pulverization of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

When the Nazi-Inspired Fascist Government of Modi and Shah imposed a Night-and-Day Curfew on the 8,000,000 People of Kashmir on August 4 — a curfew that is still in place after four full months — Imran Khan of Pakistan took to the international scene and gave articulation to the case of the Muslims of Kashmir on the world arena in a way that no leader of any description or background had ever been able to do of any issue over the past hundreds of years.

Imran Khan did this in his one-on-one conversations with world leaders around the world: from the leaders of the So-Called Muslim World to the leaders of European Countries and United States; as well as the leaders of China and Russia.

Khan took on the World Media, in their own den, and challenged and shamed them into reacting more vigorously to the atrocities visited by India’s Fascist Rulers on the Defenseless Civilian Muslim Population of Kashmir.

And then, finally, Khan ascended the podium at the United Nations General Assembly Annual Session in New York and gave voice to the case of the People of Kashmir as had never been done before in the entire history of the United Nation by any leader with regard to any issue.

And in doing so, Khan placed the Kashmir Issue front and center on the world stage, after it had gone dormant and nearly dead for decades past under the corrupt stewardship of Fazlur Rahman and his cronies. 

At the same time, Khan also exposed to the whole world the true face of India’s Ruling Fascists and their Nazi roots and aspirations and organizational retooling.

And Khan blasted, right before the eyes and ears of the entire world, the Double Standards that the world uses to judge Islam and Muslims, as no one had done before. He said that insulting Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, imposed a pain on the very soul of 1.5 billion Muslims of the world that no other pain can match.

Khan did all this, as no other leader had ever done before, leave alone a Muslim leader. 

And as Khan did this, the whole world was agog. The whole world listened in stunned silence. And many nodded and cheered.

For a moment, Islam and Muslims stood tall and proud on the world scene, but only for a moment. 

For a moment, it looked almost as if the tide had turned in favor of Islam and Muslims, after decades of abuse and persecution and harassment: the tide of the attitude of European and American leaders; the tide of the approach and focus of World Media; and the tide of World Opinion.

And India was driven on backfoot, as they would say in world Cricket parlance, its propaganda and lies about Kashmir falling like a ton of bricks on its face. The true face of India’s Ruling Fascism was rendered naked and exposed for the whole world to see.

All these the doings of one single man who appears out of nowhere on the world scene and set the whole world aflame with his clear thought, powerful speech and unrivaled passion for Truth and Justice for all, including Islam and Muslims.

And not the least the People of Kashmir who had been suffering for 70 years, and who had now been under lock and key, all eight million of them, in their own homes for so many weeks.

It was then that the Devil struck, TurbanBeardLong Robes and all. And Fazlur Rahman embarked upon his infamous Aazadi or Freedom March with the avowed aim of ridding the country of Imran Khan as Prime Minister.

That was the Freedom Fazlur Rahman was after: freedom from Khan and his honest and corruption-free ways and his effective stewardship of the Kashmir issue and the Pakistani nation.

Dutifully, the Mercenary Media of Pakistan swung into action in full-throated support of this Mercenary Mullah Fazlur Rahman, the Devil in a Turban. They blocked out whatever little coverage they had given the Kashmir Crisis till that time and filled their newspaper pages and airtime, and YouTube channels, wall to wall, with this national and international disgrace of the so-called Freedom or Azadi March by this Devil of a Mowlana.

For weeks and weeks now, ever since Khan had blazoned the Kashmir Issue on the sky around the world with his masterful advocacy and forceful representation, Pakistan’s Mercenary Media have done nothing but to plaster this so-called Azadi March in Pakistan against the government and person of Prime Minister Pakistan in their newspapers and other media.

That is what tells me that Fazlur Rahman is the Devil-in-Disguise under the mammoth yellow turban that is part of his “religious” garb, atop a cunning face and bushy white beard, and inside the long, flowing robes of a Shaikh.

Fazlur Rahman may dress like a Mowlana or a Shaikh. Or a Pundit or Rabbi or Priest. And he may walk and talk like a Saint or an Angel

But he is just the Devil in Disguise


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