Devil’s Final Hurrah in Portland, Oregon [Quote – 826]

May 28, 2017

During the month of Ramadan, the Devil and his progeny are chained and locked up. But just before that happened, the Devil had his final hurrah in the beautiful city of Portland in the state of Oregon.

Two men, one a fresh college graduate, and the other a 20-plus year army veteran, fell prey to the sheer evil of Satan in human shape, who slashed their throats with a knife.

The criminal lunatic was ranting against two young Muslim women. Three men intervened. The man turned on them and slashed their throats. Two men lost their lives, one is in serious condition in the hospital.

When you look at what these three men did, and the price they paid for their bravery, it is America at its best: 

Saying and doing the right thing and trying to defend and protect the weak. 

At the same time, what the assailant did may also represent America at its worst: 

Racial bigotry and hate turning violent and deadly 
every time there is an opportunity and safe passage.

In that Portland incident, both the good and bad parts of America played out their scripted roles. That is how America welcomed this Ramadan 1438.

Now, in my view, here is what Muslims of America can and should do: Every mosque throughout America should light candles during Iftar in the memory of the brave men who risked their lives to defend two young Muslim women against racist, xenophobic persecution and harassment.

It would be their way of saying: 

“Thank you for standing by us America, 
even as many in America today have declared 
an Open Season on Islam and Muslims. 

We will not forget you.”

May God Almighty grant the affected families comfort and solace!

And a complete and quick recovery to the injured man.


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