Did Muslims Drop the Ball? [Quote - 681]

Apr 25, 2016

Shaitan -- the Devil -- seems to be having a field day. Good people, in all too many places, appear to be in retreat, on too many good and noble and important fronts. 

Islam -- and the world -- await those who will take the word of God door to door, home to home, heart to heart. Throughout the world.

People who are truly educated, thoroughly trained and fully committed.

People whose hearts are full of love for God and for humanity -- all at the same time.

People who will place their duty to God and humanity before their own personal needs, whims, fancies, priorities, predilections, interests.

Have Muslims, by and large, dropped the ball on this count?

Is that why the world of God in the terrible shape it is? Innal Insaana La-Fi Khusr, as the Qur'an says?

Who now among us will rise to the challenge of helping God and humanity?

"Helping" God? Yes, that is directly from the Qur'an.


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