Do Good Muslims Know? And Do Good Muslims Care? [Quote - 618]

Oct 27, 2015

There are good and bad Muslims in this world. Just like all the good and bad non-Muslims that there are in this world.

Bad Muslims are of course busy doing bad things.

But good Muslims? They think they are doing good things. But they have not a clue that the greatest good thing they can do in this world is to care -- and to be concerned -- about the world of Allah.

Most of all, their own fellow-Muslims.

While these good Muslims busy themselves with all the good things they know such as Namaz and Roza, the world of Allah is in pain and it is in tumult. Not the least, that part of Allah's world that the world sometimes calls the Muslim World.

If these good Muslims had awakened a moment from their deep slumber, and from their all-absorbing and busy schedule of Namaz and Roza, and with their hectic running after Duniya at the same time, for which many of them somehow seem to find the time and the energy, as well as all the physical and material resources they need, they would have seen, with their own bare eyes that much of the so-called Muslim World today is nothing but an amalgam of cantons and colonies groaning under the heels of all kinds of old and new colonizers.

While the rest of the world has attained different degrees of freedom, much of the Muslim world is in bondage.

Everyone knows this except the Muslims. Some of the worst offenders in this respect being those who would like to see the label "Good Muslim" attached to their names.


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