Do It Now, Or You May Not get Another Opportunity.
So, Says Allah in the Qur'an! [Quote - 602]

Jul 12, 2015

Most of us just don't get it.

Most of us think we have a long life before us -- and we will have time to "catch up."

But that is not how life works. At least not for many if not most people.

Life travels at warp speed. And it does so for all.

You miss a millisecond of it, you can never catch up. You can never get back on that train again.

For, by the time you wake up and try to jump back up on it, that train has crossed galaxies and is in a different world altogether -- a very different universe.

The train may have already crossed the life-barrier and be hurtling through the unknown and unpredictable terrain of death.

Just pick up a copy of the Qur'an and read it:

Wa Anfiqoo Mimmaa Razaqnaakum Min Qabli Anyya'tiya Ahadakumul Mawutu Fayaqoola Rabbi Lawu Laa Akkhartani Ilaa Ajalin Qareeb.

Fa-Assaddaqa Wa Akum-Minas-Saaliheen.

Wa Lanyyu-akkhirallahu Nafsan Idhaa Jaa-a Ajaluhaa...

Wallahu Khabeerum Bimaa Ta'amaloon (63:10,11).

There, you now have the reference from the Qur'an: Surah Al-Munaafiqoon, Aayats 10 and 11. Go, check out the translation for yourself and see what these Aayats mean and what implications they may have for all the missed opportunities that so many of us tend to pile up one on top of the other.


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