Do They Even Know What Islam Is?

Jul 17, 2010


Do They Even Know What Islam Is?

Dr. Pasha

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Ask the Hatemongers This

Would somebody ask my brothers and sisters – that is right, that is who they are: my blood brothers and sisters. They and I are consanguine, as they say. No question about it.

That means, they and I, we go back together a long way to our common roots in our dear father Adam’s (God Bless Him!) ancestry – way, way up the genealogical chart.

Would someone then ask my brothers and sisters who seem to be waging a hate campaign against Islam – and Muslims – in Europe and elsewhere, would somebody please ask them if they even know what Islam is?

Did they ever even try to find out what it is?

Or They Know, Do You Think?

Or, do you think, maybe they do? Maybe they do know, do you think, not only what Islam is, but also what Islam is capable of doing?

And maybe – just maybe – that is why they are doing what they are doing, could it be? Because they understand what Islam is and what it can do!

That means, is it likely that their hatred and fear of Islam may spring, not so much from their ignorance of Islam, as from their awareness of what Islam is and what it is capable of doing to Muslims and non-Muslims around the world?

Islam Can Build a Better World for All

That is, the hatemongers fear and hate Islam because they realize that Islam, properly understood and truly practiced, may not only provide personal and moral uplift to people, but it may also transform our world.

That Islam, fully embraced and implemented, may take our world to a new height of health, wealth, glory, peace, joy and contentment. Not just for this or that group of people, but for everyone everywhere.

And that too not just in this world, but also in the next world.

That Islam may change our world from its present doldrums of poverty, ignorance, despair and despondency to a truly kinder, gentler and more joyful world. Once again, not just for this or that race, religion, nation or society but for all of Adam’s children – for all of humanity in all nations and societies in all parts of the world.

That Islam can build a better world for all.

And, sadly, but quite frankly, maybe that is what they do not want to see happen, do you think? And that is why they fear and resent Islam?

Could it be, do you think?

Islam Means Liberation and Empowerment

Could it be these brothers and sisters of mine – in Europe and elsewhere – fear and hate Islam, because they realize that Islam could lead to social, political and economic liberation, enlightenment and empowerment for all people everywhere?

And that Islam means the beginning of a new world order of social justice, equality and true emancipation and liberty for all the children of Adam, not only in Europe but also in all other parts of the world?

And not just to people as individuals but to entire societies and cultures?

One Small Detail of What Islam Really Is

Let me provide here one small detail of what Islam really is. And then let us see if that helps.

In Islam, work is worship. Just like education is.

Just like being nice to your family, friends and neighbors is.

And just like every good act is, even if it is just squeezing a drop of water in the mouth of a dying dog or cat, or helping an old woman cross the road.

That is right. That is what Islam is. Ask the hatemongers if they know that?

Islam Is Showing Up to Work on Time

Here is another detail from the most glorious – and yet often forgotten – teachings of Islam.

Ask the hatemongers if they know that Islam means showing up to work on time every day – day after day?

And if they know that Islam means giving work your 110 percent, even when no one is watching you?

Answering to God and to People Both

Ask the hatemongers – in Europe and elsewhere – if they know that Islam requires that kind of total and consuming commitment and dedication from Muslims in everything they do: regardless of whether they are working for a Jew, or a Christian, or an Atheist or for themselves?

For, Islam means not only obeying authority and respecting society and people, but it means also at the same time having to answer to God Almighty?

Ask the Hatemongers

Ask the hatemongers if they even know that?

And then ask them if that is the kind of faith, philosophy and way of life they hate and fear and loathe and resent and disdain?

And if that is the kind of people – workers, students, doctors, teachers, neighbors and citizens – they want to keep away from their societies?


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