Doing Allah's Work Can Be Tough Business --
Frustrating and Heartbreaking! [Quote - 964]

Jan 8, 2020

Allah bless all those who come forward to spearhead Allah's Work, in whatever form or shape they do it. And in whatever part of the world.

When doing this work, Allah's Work that is, we must know that everybody in the world is our audience. Our job is somehow to reach them and bring them all in.

And we have to do it in ways that are better than what anyone else deploys against us.

Aayat Karimah:

Wa Jaadilhum Billatee Hiya Ahsan.

Note the expression "Billatee Hiya Ahsan." The key word is "Ahsan."

Meaning: "Better." 

"Nicer. Nobler. More refined and profound."

Comparative degree. 


Whatever others throw at you by way of argument or evidence, or challenge, counter them with a rejoinder, and a reply, that is superior and better in every sense: meaning, style, format and everything else you can imagine.

Now tell me anyone other than God Almighty would put forward such a proposition as a working formula.

Therefore, to all those Working for Allah I say: Ladies and Gentlemen, let us get it done, "while we can," as someone so eloquently and tellingly put it only recently.

For, there surely will come a time when we will not have available to us the ability to get it done. God Almighty's bell will ring and the chapter of our life will close. And who knows how far or close that hour is.

So, let us get it done while we can. If nothing else, let us get Allah's Word out to as many ears as we can, and to as many homes and hearts as we can, while we have been granted the means and the opportunity to do it.

And I am telling this more to myself than I am telling anyone else: 

This business of Working for Allah, trying to take the Qur'an to every home and heart that needs it, and which one does not, can be most frustrating and heartbreaking if we do not put ourselves totally in the hands of Allah.

Just ask Allah's Nabiy Yunus, Alaihis Salam, about his experience with it and you would know.


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