Doing Everything Right and Well:
That Is an Islamic Requirement!
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Apr 24, 2018

When Muslims do whatever it is that is required of them, and there is much that is required of them on a daily, hourly and second-by-second basis, they are required to do it "perfectly." 

Even though Perfection is a Divine Attribute of Allah. 

That is why we refer to God Almighty as Allah Subhanahu -- broadly meaning, free from, and above and beyond, all limitations and imperfections and impurities that are the natural and inborn characteristics of his Khalq -- Creation.

But it is that Divine Attribute -- the quality of doing everything well and "perfectly," and to the very best of our ability and resources, that we are required to emulate right here on this earth. Even while operating within the framework of our own native human limitations, impurities and imperfections.

Takhallaqoo Bi-Akhlaaqillah, says Prophet Muhammad, 
Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam!


"Embrace and emulate in your own imperfect and flawed and finite lives 
God's Inimitable and Perfect and Infinite Divine Attributes!"

It is as part of this most amazing requirement that Muslims are characterized as the "Best Nation on Earth." 

Khayir Ummah!

Because they have been instructed, and they can be trusted, to do well and "perfectly" what they have been told to do. What they are required to do!

Meaning, Muslims would be expected to do well, and to their best attainable human level of "perfection," whatever is required of them in this world -- whether it is something pertaining to This World or something that concerns the Next World.

That is, from a Worldly or from an Other-Worldly point of view.

Go figure!


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