Donald Trump and Congressman John Lewis:
Making Sense of the Seemingly Senseless

Jan 17, 2017


Donald Trump and Congressman John Lewis:
Making Sense of the Seemingly Senseless

Dr. Pasha

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To call Donald Trump "illegitimate president" is next only to madness. And it does not matter where and from whom it comes.

Factually speaking, it is a patent and manifest falsehood. For, nothing has happened to render presidential elections 2016 null and void. 

At least in the case of Bush vs. Gore, 2001, the contested results ended up being settled by the Supreme Court.

The present elections are nothing of the kind. Voting took place in broad daylight as it were -- in the glare of full publicity. Trump got 270 Electoral Votes. Hillary Clinton conceded. Trump won. End of story.

They all said it would never happen. But it did. Not one of them -- barring maybe President Obama to some extent -- was prepared for it. But it did transpire: Trump won an upset victory.

From the beginning, their big worry was: Will he or will he not "concede" when he is defeated? For, his defeat was a foregone conclusion. Hillary Clinton was the queen with the sacred oil and water dripping out of her forehead and the Kohinoor shining from her tiara. 

And the high priests included Republicans as well as Democrats. An upstart like Trump had no place under their firmament. In their scheme of things. They had no use for him. He was clear and present danger to their System and to their corrupt and crooked Self-Interests.

Self-Interests that ran directly and glaringly contrary to the genuine interests of the great and blessed American Nation.

Trump won. Sending shock waves everywhere -- and chill down every corrupt and crooked spine. On either side of the aisle.

And leaving the Media in shambles -- scrambling to regroup and to re-arm and to lock and load all over.

American democracy lumbers on: flawed and cantankerous as it is. And for Congressman Lewis to pronounce a verdict and call Donald Trump an "illegitimate president" is clearly beyond the pale.

And to cite as reason the alleged Russian meddling in US elections is silly, laughable and foolish. For, it is the job of the reigning administration to ensure the integrity of the electoral process. Not of the candidates running for office, Clinton or Trump.

For Mr. Lewis to argue that Trump is an "illegitimate president" because the Russians may have actually done what they are being alleged to, is naive and childish petulance at best, and malicious falsehood at worst.

Rep. John Lewis is a great man. God bless him. Who is going to question that?

And he marched with a great man, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., for a great cause: decent and civilized treatment of African-Americans, former slaves and their descendants, in the state of Alabama -- and all over America -- at the end of nearly 350 years of untold and unmitigated suffering.

But Mr. Lewis is no archangel. He does not own the power or the right to change day into night, right into wrong and truth into falsehood -- and vice versa. 

While showing Mr. Lewis all the respect possible, and giving him every conceivable break in the book, the words and actions of Congressman Lewis must be critiqued and judged based on the same criteria of verification and validation as the speech and behavior of every other American.

If what Mr. Lewis says makes sense, we must clearly say that it does. And if Mr. Lewis's words are factually true, we must pronounce them to be so.

If, on the other hand, what Mr. Lewis says strikes us as not making any sense, then we are duty bound to express our reservation about whatever it is that he is trying to say. 

Similarly, if Mr. Lewis's words appear to us to be untrue, and what he seems to be saying strikes us as manifestly wrong, it is then the duty of all those who know better to call him on it, loudly and clearly and without prevarication. 

And to correct Mr. Lewis and to correct the record. 

That is civilized conduct. That is the core of democracy at its best. And that also is Islam 101.

For, Islam is about speaking the truth. Irrespective of who or what the truth is about. And it does not matter if the aggrieved party at the wrong end of your truth-telling winds up being a Donald Trump or a John Lewis or someone else. 

The Qur'an lays out a simple law of universal applicability. No exceptions.

Says the Qur'an:

"Believers, Bear True Witness, even if it be against your own selves."

And the Hadith says:

"Stop injustice from happening!
Do so by helping the aggrieved party,
by rendering timely and effective help 
to the one who is being oppressed and wronged.
And also, at the same time, stop injustice from happening 
by grabbing hold of the hand of the oppressor."

The blessed and noble words of the Hadith are:

Unsur Akhaaka Zaaliman
Awu Mazloomaa!

This is the model of universal truth and justice that Islam gave the world.

This is the Islam that Muslims of America, the UK, Europe and the Caribbean should have explained and preached to their American, British, European and Caribbean neighbors and fellow-citizens. 

That was the grand purpose for which Allah brought them where he did: to America; to Europe; to the UK; to the Caribbean; and to all kinds of other places in the world. 

Instead of doing their job to which God Almighty appointed them, Muslims in these different parts of God's earth got busy running after their worldly goals and advantages, pretty much as their father had done in Jannat or Paradise, and treating this world The Dunya as the be-all and end-all of their earthly lives. 

And the best of the best of them, looked no further than the well-being of their own children -- their Dhurriyyat, as one of them called them from the Jum'ah Mimbar, quoting Hazrat Ibrahim, Alaihis Salam.

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