Don’t Allow Shaitan to Preempt Our Lives [Quote – 813]

May 14, 2017

Allah bless the people who finance, manage and run our weekly radio program Pasha Hour International. I marvel at their dedication and their sustained hard work.

Sometimes they warn us that the Government has decided to “Preempt” our program — whatever the reason.

That expression “Preemption” never ceases to amuse me. A part of Colonial legacy. 

But my deeper worry always is, and I warn all of us on that account, about Shaitan trying to “Preempt” our lives. 

His commitment is, and all indications are, that he neither tires nor slackens in his efforts to “Preempt” our lives and put them on a different track than the one that leads to Allah and to our home Jannat from which he got us ejected through his lies and machinations the first time.

So, people, don’t let Shaitan preempt your lives!


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