Don’t Forget,
Muslims Are the True Patriots!
For, That Is Islam!

Jun 28, 2018


Don’t Forget,
Muslims Are the True Patriots!

For, That Is Islam!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It --
And which One Does Not?)

Does not matter where Muslims live. You can depend on them to love the people in whose midst they live and love the land on which they domicile.

It could be Australia, Japan, Ireland, Scotland, England, USA, Canada, Russia, France or India! Or any other place on earth. Places may change, but the fundamental rule of Muslim orientation, attitude and conduct does not change: Love and Justice for All.

Provided of course the Muslims we are talking about understand Islam in the first place. If they know their Islam, Muslims will love their people – call them neighbors – and they will love their countries and societies.

No, land will not be God or Mother to Muslims. Nor will Muslims worship their country. Nor will they turn into international bullies, thugs, chauvinists or jingoists in the name of false and misguided Patriotism. But their country and land will be something for defending and protecting which Muslims will gladly give their life, should the occasion call for it.

And Muslims will do everything in their power to serve the people of their countries and societies and to help them in every way they can.

For, Amr Bil Ma’roof is a cornerstone of the Deen of Islam. It is not a luxury item about which Muslims may have a choice, whether or not to do it. But an absolute and unconditional requirement of all Muslims, everywhere.

The Qur’an is quite clear and emphatic on this.

Broadly speaking, Amr Bil Ma’roof means helping individuals, groups, organizations, institutions and societies to do the Right Thing.

Ma’ruf is a technical expression in the Qur’an. It means the Right Thing. The Good Thing.

And that pretty much includes everything in life: upholding the Law of the Land as well as protecting and defending the nation from enemies, both domestic and foreign.

And protecting the societies in which they live from aggression – no matter what its nature or source.

Another pillar of this Social and Patriotic Responsibility Muslims carry on their shoulders is referred to by the Qur’an as Nahy 'Anil Munkar. And that broadly translates into helping individuals, groups, organizations, institutions and societies to refrain from doing the Wrong Thing. The Bad Thing.

Munkar is also a technical expression in the Qur’an. It means the Wrong Thing. The Bad Thing.

Since English-speaking Islam has been heavily Christianized over the past two or three centuries, which is quite understandable given the fact that English has been primarily a Western-Christian language historically and culturally, Ma’ruf and Munkar are often rendered in English as “Righteous” and “Evil” respectively. But that is Christian Theology more than it is Islam.

And it did not help matters that Islam passed into the hands and under the tutelage of Two-Bit Mercenary Mullahs many of whom knew neither Arabic nor English, nor for that matter understood Islam well.

This happened both “at home” and “abroad,” even though, mind you, Islam is at home everywhere. But this happened really more in a Western Context, where every little boy became an “Imam” or a Shaikh and Islam became a source of livelihood for many of those who did not seem to have the wherewithal to make an honorable living elsewhere.

Therefore, it becomes clear that when Islam is properly understood, the issue is Social ResponsibilityRight vs. WrongGood vs. Bad.

In Christianity, on the other hand, the issue is largely “Religious” Mumbo-JumboEvil and Righteousness.

So, from an Islamic perspective, Ma’ruf and Munkar have to do with one’s Patriotic Commitment and Social Responsibility. That means doing everything in one’s power to help people live a better life and to protect people from all possible harm that may come their way.

Do you think it is time now for Muslims to start Re-Learning their Forgotten Islam?

And do you also think that this may be the time for non-Muslims, especially in the Western World, to put aside their Mindless Prejudices and look at Islam and its teachings from a more objective perspective?

Using the Qur’an and the Sunnah/Hadith – the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam – as their main sources for knowledge and understanding of what Islam really is?

Away from all the false and malicious propaganda that Commercial Media and Self-Serving Politicians have subjected Islam to?

And there is something else too. As powerful as it possibly can get. And that is Muslims' perennial quest for Martyrdom: Shahaadah. 

Muslims crave Shahaadat: Everyone of them wants to die as a Martyr or Shaheed. And for a Muslim, laying down one's life in defense of one's land -- one's country -- is one of the easiest and most handy routes to Martyrdom.

Not in the kind of aggressive, illegal and imperialistic "wars" which people like the Bush Boys, Obama and others have been unleashing on defenseless poor countries of the Muslim world from Iraq to Afghanistan to Somalia to Libya to Syria to Pakistan to Yemen and elsewhere. 

But truly defensive wars which are waged after careful deliberation, and in accordance with the cannons of civilized conduct and international law, against nations or countries that may have committed clear and open aggression against one's own nation or country.

Truly defensive wars that are rooted in and supported by verifiable and public truth and evidence from beginning to end, and not blatantly racist and imperialistic Wars of Aggression whose principal tools are lies, deceit and malicious and fraudulent propaganda.

Those are the wars the Qur'an permits Muslims to fight. The right kind of wars, if you will. Not wars of aggression and oppression. 

The Christian World at one time used to refer to these right kind of wars as Just Wars before the Western-Christian World dived head first into wars of aggression and clear imperialistic intent.

As a result, when a Muslim joins the military and participates in a war to defend his country against clear foreign aggression, and then gets killed in action, that Muslim is a Martyr: a Shaheed. He is already in Heaven before his lifeless body even hits the ground.

Why go that far? There is an even lesser test available if you are looking for one. You die defending your home, your property and your honor and dignity, your are a Martyr: Shaheed. That is a paraphrase of a Hadith Sharif.

Man Qutila Doona Maalihee, Fa-Huwa Shaheedun.
Wa Man Qutila Doona Irdihee, Fa-Huwa Shaheedun.

From this point of view, Self-Defense is not only canonized in Islam, it is truly "Sacred."

Nor does any system of thought or belief, religious or secular, accord greater respect and protection to People's Property Rights.

But this is by no means an invitation for individuals to take the law in their own hands. Nor is this a recipe for chaos or general mayhem and lawlessness. No one and nothing is more strong or harsh in condemning General Lawlessness and Chaos than Islam and the Qur'an. 

And the Qur'an does that in the fewest of words possible. Says the Qur'an:

Wal-Fitnatu Ashaddu Minal Qatl.

Four words, no more. But, boy, are they nearly impossible to translate, or even paraphrase. But let me try anyway, no matter how clumsy or inadequate the outcome. Here goes:

Persecution, Mischief Making, Oppression, 
General Lawlessness, Mayhem and Chaos,
These things are worse than murder.

Told you it was going to be clumsy and unwieldy. The original word in the Qur'an is "Fitnah." And all those words I used are a desperate attempt to capture in English the severity and intensity of meaning associated with the expression Fitnah.

So Fitnah is worse than murder, says God Almighty in the Qur'an.

As a result, Islam and the Qur'an lay down a very stringent set of protocols that should be followed when war is resorted to as a final and unavoidable defensive measure. In such a defensive war undertaken to defend one's nation or country, or land or territory, and to protect one's fellow-citizens and neighbors, a Muslim is not a disinterested spectator but a fully involved, active and committed participant.

And when a Muslim dies in such a war, defending his nation, his neighbors, his home, his family, his land, his property and his honor and his dignity, that Muslim is a Martyr or a Shaheed whose pallbearers are not ordinary human beings, military or civilian, but God Almighty's blessed angels themselves.

You Got a Better Test of True Patriotism? I say: Bring It On!

That is why I repeat what I said earlier: No nation or country or society ever had, or ever can have, a truer patriot than a Muslim who knows his Islam. 

For, Muslim Patriots are made in Heaven and commissioned by God. They are not produced by the military or the politicians.


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