Don’t Panic, Jihad Is Not What the Media Says It Is!

Jul 11, 2016

Don’t Panic,
Jihad Is Not What the Media Says It Is!

Dr. Pasha

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What the media says Jihad is, and what the mercenary commentators on radio and television say Jihad is, in most cases Jihad is not.

Etymologically, that is going down to the original root of the word, Jihad is a comprehensive term that encompasses practically every aspect and dimension of human life. 

Very briefly, Jihad is strenuous goal-directed and targeted effort at all levels and in every area of life.

There is a most amazing Aayat in the Qur’an. Like every other most amazing Aayat or passage in the Qur’an. For, every Aayah or passage of the Qur’an is most amazing and incredible.

Oh, don’t mind my interchanging the words Aayat, ending with a “t,” and Aayah, ending with an “h.” They both mean the same thing: what we are calling a most miraculous passage of the Qur’an. 

And I want readers to get used to both: Aayat and Aayah.

But the word Aayaat — with two “a”s and a little “t” at the end — is not changeable to Aayaah. It is plural for Aayat/Aayah and the little “t” at the end has got to stay.

So, here is that most amazing part of the Qur’an — that most noble Aayat or Aayah — I was thinking about: 

Walladheena Jaahadoo Feenaa, 
La-Nahdiyannahum Subulanaa!

A more proper or adequate paraphrase of this Aayat will require entire books to be filled. And even then, do bear in mind, no human words can ever do justice to any of the divine expressions or passages in the Qur’an.

So, keeping that inherent limitation in mind, here is some of what that Aayah Karimah — noble passage of the Qur’an — seems to imply:


“Those who struggle in our path, we shall show them our ways.”


“Those who work for us, we shall open our doors for them.”


“Those who are striving for our sake, we shall put them on track to us.”


“Those who strive for us, we shall put them on a path, on a trajectory to us.”

This is a promise — and a guarantee — of divine help to those who work for Allah. 

I am saying guarantee because every word Allah says is true, and every promise Allah makes is a most true promise. 

Allah always stands by his promise and Allah always delivers what he says he will.

So, it is Allah’s sure and unqualified guarantee that when you struggle for his sake, in his path — working for him — he will open all kinds of doors for you.

Wa Man Asdaqu Minallahi Qeelaa?


“And whose word could be more true than Allah’s?”


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