Dr. Pasha Issues Call for Floating Annual Mall Day

Dr. Pasha Issues Call for Floating Annual Mall Day

In the past, calls for all kinds of educational, useful and practical Special Annual “Days” have come from Dr. Pasha. These have included Annual Day of Fasting, Annual Day of Qur’an, and many other.

All these “Days” can all be looked upon as Islamic “Days” in some ways. Now Dr. Pasha says Muslims around the world must consider what he calls a “Mall Day.”

Malls, Dr. Pasha says, are a fact of life in practically all parts of the world, especially the urban parts of it. Everyone everywhere goes to the malls for one reason or another, at one time or another.

“Now Muslims must go to the malls with a very different outlook,” Dr. Pasha says. “Muslims must go to the malls not only to buy and sell or to while away their time. They must go to the malls to do their duty by God and by human beings. They must go to the malls to take the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it – and which one does not.”

Dr. Pasha says that in every mall in every part of the world, Muslims must set up a table at the entrance or at some central and most frequented part of the mall, with the best Islamic literature on it.

This could include the following:

  1. Translations of the Qur’an in the local language.
  2. Translations of the Qur’an in English.
  3. Simple, well-written books on Islam in local language as well as in English, French or Spanish.
  4. Good, straightforward audio and video material – tapes, CDs, other – on Islam, once again, in local language and in English, French or Spanish.

People at this “Islamic Desk” should be dressed “smart” and clean and not in their “night” clothes. They should then approach visitors to the mall and present them their Islamic ware: Such as, for example, cards and information on various Islamic programs and activities they may be doing or pamphlets like “You Must Know This Man!” or books like “Towards Understanding Islam.”

Allah says in the Qur’an that the Muslim Ummah is specially designed and established by God for people. Their job is to “preach” good things to people and to warn them to stay away from bad things.

Muslims around the world have fallen on bad days because they have turned their back on this most fundamental duty. By going to the malls and undertaking to share “Islamic Literature” with others, Muslims can claim that they are taking at least some baby steps toward fulfilling their mission to God and humans.

“If Muslims keep doing this simple job honestly, consistently and systematically,” says Dr. Pasha, “maybe, Allah’s mercy will pour down on them in ways they cannot even imagine.”

Every community can start its mall program by launching what Dr. Pasha calls an Annual Mall Day. On this special day – any day that any community can conveniently fix for itself – Muslims of a given community can commence its Mall Program.

Thereafter, the community can continue the Mall Program as best as it can on a daily basis, says Dr. Pasha.

The fact that every community is free to set its own special Annual Mall Day based on its own situation and circumstances is what makes it a “Floating” annual day, Dr. Pasha says.