Dr. Pasha Issues Call to Believers around the World to Turn to God Almighty 
in Repentance and in Prayer!

Nov 26, 2020


Dr. Pasha Issues Call to Believers around the World to Turn to God Almighty 
in Repentance and in Prayer!

Believers of the World,
Unite in Repentance and Prayer before God Almighty, 
the Maker and Master of All Things, 
the Creator!

The latest surge in Coronavirus is nothing short of a plague of Biblical proportions. Virus positivity is rising exponentially; hospitals are running out of beds and ICUs; there is despondency and fatigue all around.

With 50 million Americans traveling for Thanksgiving, news is not likely to get better. In fact, there is every chance things will get worse, much worse in weeks following Thanksgiving.

Science is on the March. We have at least three vaccines on the horizon: from American Pfizer and Moderna to British AstraZeneca, all of them testing at better than 90 percent efficacy. Clearly a blessing from God.

This is other than the vaccines the Russians and the Chinese say they have developed.

But as ordinary people we all need to do our part.

We are people of Faith. We believe. That is our biggest weapon right now: our Faith and our Belief in the Almighty.

Despite our so-called diverse “Religious” affiliations, and despite our Denominational differences, we all somehow seem to have one thing in common: We All Believe in a Creator.

Maybe, now is the time for all of us, folks from all religions and denominations, to turn to our Common Creator and try to get him to come to our rescue at this dire and critical hour in the lives of all of us. 

And we go about that by taking the following steps:

1. First of all, with all sincerity and humility, we acknowledge our Sins of omission and commission before him.

For, it is likely that this deadly Coronavirus, that has become so rampant among us all of a sudden, is a warning to us from God Almighty about our wayward ways, and a punishment to us from him for our Sins: All the things we have been doing wrong in our lives.

All the ways in which we have been disregarding and violating his Commandments.

As it used to happen in Biblical Times, when God used to visit all kinds of Plagues and Pestilences upon Pharaoh and his people to get them to Repent and to give up their wrong ways.

So, this Coronavirus-2019 could very well be a wake-up call to us from God, asking us to repent.

So the first thing we must do is Repent!

2. Next, with tearful eyes and tremulous hearts we commit to him that we will do our utmost never to go back to our old ways, and we will never again repeat or re-commit those Sins.

Thus, we continue our Repentance!

3. We raise our hands to him and beg him, and cry and grovel before him in abject humility, to spare our communities, and our societies, and the whole world, and the entire Human Race and save us from this Viral Plague that has descended upon us and that is causing such havoc and devastation upon us everywhere.

To turn this plague of a virus away from us and from all human communities from around the world.

We are now engaged in Prayer.

Thus, at this critical juncture in our lives, and in the lives of everyone everywhere, we call upon People of Faith, all those who Believe in God Almighty, to turn to him and first of all to seriously repent from their follies of the past and then pray fervently for forgiveness and relief that only he can provide.

Islam teaches us that God is most forgiving and most merciful. And he loves to accept the regrets and repentance of those who turn to him in Repentance

And he loves to accept the prayers of those who turn to him in Prayer.

The Qur’an says: 

Innallaha Yaghfirudh-Dhunooba Jamee’aa.


“God Almighty forgives all sins.”

The Qur’an further says: 

Innahu Huwal Ghafoorur Rahim.


That is because God is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

So, People of Faith, Believers in God Almighty in Our Own Community and EverywhereLet Us Go and Get It Done!



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