Dr. Pasha on Quote-Unquote Method [Quote - 453]

Jun 29, 2013

In pressing into service the Quote-Unquote method, I am trying to create a writing style of my own that I can use to make some serious comments, and provide some important explanations, concerning a set of critical topics related to Islam, Muslims and the World.

The idea is not to impress the world with my erudition or even with my writing ability. The idea is to make everyone – Muslim as well as non-Muslim – get a clear picture in their mind of some very important aspects of Islam, Muslims and the world in our time.

Many of them are topics and ideas that are often buried under layers of lumbering scholarship and style-obsessed mercenary journalism.

What this Quote-Unquote method is really like, or what it is really patterned after, I dare not say right now. Maybe I will be able to talk about it in the next several years. For, I have often waited for decades to verbalize certain key ideas about Islam, Muslims and the world.

That was because I did not find a suitable venue or because I thought the time was not right. But over time, Allah did give me the opportunity to voice many of those ideas.

And, as we all must know, everything in this world happens strictly according to Allah’s most meticulous Space-Time Calculus. Hear the Qur’an say it:

Wa Kullu Shayi-in 'Indahu Bi-Miqdaar!

May Allah protect this method of Quote-Unquote – and all my writings – from corruption and trivialization as well as false intent!

And may he grant them acceptance from him and may he open the hearts and minds of his Khalq for them.


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