Dr. Pasha to Muslims [Quote - 483]

Jan 23, 2014

People, don't run and hide in man-made "Islam" from real Islam.

For, that is what many Muslims do: take refuge in what they think is Islam from what really is Islam.

That tragic Muslim phenomenon practically explains almost all of what is wrong with the Muslims today.

And no tragedy could be greater than the fact that so many Muslims so often run after every false promise of the "religion" of Islam flaunted before them by self-serving Muslim propagandists and activists; and in doing this, they leave behind the Deen of Islam that came to them from Allah; while Allah's Deen of Islam stands behind alone, abandoned and an utter stranger in their midst, and watches them with pity and sorrow.

A-laisa Minkum Rajulun Rasheed, it seems to say: Is there not one decent man among you?


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