Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and 
Cultural Immersion Sessions — Unlike Any [Lesson 20]

Aug 16, 2020


Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and 
Cultural Immersion Sessions — Unlike Any
Lesson 20

  1. Those of you who are running away, or holding back, or hiding, because you are scared or intimidated or just because you do not have the discipline, maybe, you are making a mistake.

    This thing, these lessons of Allah’s Language Arabic, are a Blessing from Allah: Do not discount them or throw them away or take them lightly.

  1. These Lessons are also completely Freemashallah.
  1. Read all Instructions Word by Word — Multiple Times.
  1. Run your Index Finger under Lines of Text to keep focus and attention level.
  1. Follow all Instructions to the Letter.
  1. Work to Make Your Intentions as Pure as you can.
  1. Wage a Mighty Jihad against your own Nafs — Ego — that tells you to do you own thing.
  1. Be AccountableDeliver what you undertake.
  1. Keep your Promises.
  1. Don’t Live a Life of Excuses and Apologies.


  1. Find a copy of Al-Asmaa Al-Husnaa: in Hadith Sharif
  1. Or from anywhere.
  1. Maybe Someone can help with Hadith Search.
  1. Bring them to class: Hard Copy of Al-Asmaa Al-Husnaa.
  1. Bring Pen (Al-Qalam) and Paper to class.
  1. Check in Arabic-English Dictionary — at this stage: preferably Hard Copy— meaning of word Asmaa. Later, once you acquire your Hard Copy, always Hard Copy.
  1. Check whether Al-Asmaa is singular, plural or what.
  1. Find out meaning of word Husna — and find out all you can about that word.
  1. Find out Verb Form for that word.
  1. Name for Verb is Fi’l. So, find out Fi’l for Husnaa.
  1. Identify all Asmaa Husnaa that Rhyme with Faa’ilun.
  1. Find Verb Form for all Asmaa Husnaa that Rhyme with Faa’ilun. That is, Al-Faa’ilu.
  1. Identify all Asmaa Husnaa that Rhyme with Fa-‘eelunThat is, Al-Fa-eelu.
  1. Find Verb Form for all Asmaa Husnaa that Rhyme with Fa-‘eelunThat is, Al-Fa-eelu.
  1. Memorize: Whatever Asmaa Husnaa you can, progressively.
  1. But Recite and Repeat them all Multiple Times and keep reading and reciting them.
  1. Start with last Aayaat (plural) of Surah Al-Hashr: Huwallahul-Ladhee Laa Ilaaha …
  1. Memorize following Verb Forms for Past Tense for Three-Letter Verb Fa’ala:

    Fa’ala; Fa’alaa; Fa’aloo;

    Fa’alat; Fa’alataa; Fa’alna;

    Fa’alta; Fa’altumaa; Fa’altum;

    Fa’alti; Fa’altumaa; Fa’altunna;

    Fa’altu; Fa’alnaa.

  1. Do not cut corners.
  1. Do not make up abbreviations like “AA”for Assalamu Alaikum.

    Or “PBUH” for Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

    If you ask me, these are Haram, well almost Haram, I guess

    And a grave and mortal Sin and Transgression.

  1. Do no import nomenclature or vocabulary from outside this class.
  1. Do not try to incorporate your old knowledge with what is being taught, and what you may be learning, in this class.


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