Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Sessions – Lesson: 23 – Civility Precedes Islam by Light Years

Aug 22, 2020


Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and Cultural  Immersion Sessions — Lesson 23

Civility Precedes Islam by Light Years

Roughly speaking, Civility means being nice. It is treating people with the same respect and consideration with which you will treat yourself. 

Or Better.

And as you will treat all those dearest and closest to you.

And even as you will treat all those whom you have reason to “fear” for one reason or another. Because you are “fearful” that if you rub them the wrong way, and treat them in any disrespectful or inconsiderate manner, they will get upset with you and punish you for it.

That is, mostly, the nature of this world. And this is how most people tend to behave in this world. And they learn these lessons early in life.

And a minimum level of civil, considerate and mutually respectful behavior and demeanor constitutes a key Prerequisite for entering the fold of Islam. 

And for staying in it.

For, there is no Islam without it.

For, basic human character of Civility, Honesty, Integrity, Truthfulness in Speech and Behavior, Trustworthiness, precedes Islam by Light Years.

Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, was universally hailed as As-Saadiq and Al-Ameen (Last Word in Truthfulness, Honesty and Integrity in Speech and Action and Behavior) before he ever became Rasul.

That is why Islam introduced the Concept of Salam into the realm of mutual human dealings and interactions.

And this was done both by Allah, in the Qur’an, and by Allah’s Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, in the Hadith and through his Sunnat.

So, the most fundamental and Number One Rule and Requirement for anyone to be in our program is to do the following:

  1. Say Assalamu Alaikum as you join us.
  2. Give us your name and introduce yourself who you are.

If you fail to do this, you are sneaking in and out of the program — this so-called class of ours — like a Thief and a Poacher

And Thieves and Poachers of any kind and description, sneaking in and out of any place, do not bring joy or hope or Barakat or Blessings with them.

At best, they are an irritant and a nuisance. At worst, they ought to be caught and thrown out. 

That is the law and culture of this world. And that is also how Islam works for the  most part.

  1. Thereafter, once you are in, after saying Salam and introducing yourself, follow all the Rules and Requirements as outlined in all the Lessons and the Posts.

Among those Rules and Behavioral Norms Expected and Required of Everybody is:

  1. Males: Stay on the screen all the time such that we can see you and interact with you.
  1. Everyone: Speak clearly and loudly — your Lesson One in the Basics of Human Communication — so we can understand what you are saying without having to ask you a million times what was it you said and wasting everybody’s time.
  1. Do not post a still photo of yours on the screen, instead of you being there in person.


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