Dr. Pasha’s Arabic sessions – Lesson: 27 – Ghayib and Shahaadah: How the Two Worlds Interface


Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions — Lesson 26

Ghayib and Shahaadah
How the Two Worlds Interface

Laa Ilaaha Illaa Allah:
Demolish and Clear All Old Ruins, Then Put Up the New Building

Laa: Clear all debris and clutter from your heart and mind.
Laa: Remove all barriers and obstacles and hindrances.
Laa: Remove all cobwebs from your brain, mind and soul.

Ilaah: Objects and things — visible and invisible; tangible and intangible — you love, admire, honor and, basically, “worship” most, no matter by what name you call them.

Ilaaha: Two kinds of Ilaahs: Visible and Invisible — Ghayib and Shahaadah.

laaha: Shahaadah – All visible objects and idols, whether a statue or image or figure or tangible worldly possession of any kind.

Ilaaha: Ghayib – All invisible things whether Your Ego; your Nafs; your Opinions; your Views; your Desires; your own perceived Power or importance. 

All this is referred to as Hawaa.

Hawaa: invisible Ilaah. The Ilaah that resides inside you.

A Fa-Ra-Ayita Manittakhadha Ilaahahu Hawaahu.

Illaa: Transition from Shahaadah to Ghayib.

Illaa: Connects Shahaadah to Ghayib.


Allah: All Ghayib.

Laa Tudrikuhul Absaar!

“No Human Eye can see him.”

Layisa Ka-Mithlihee Shayi-un.

“No Human Mind can imagine him.
For, he is unlike anything you know or will ever know.”