Dr. Pasha's Arabic sessions - Lesson: 33

Sep 3, 2020


Dr. Pasha's Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions -- Lesson 33


Please do not send me your Assignments in any shape or form. Take responsibility for Assignments yourself. And then, Send them to each other and help each other to do the work. 

And in doing so, try to build a strong, vibrant Community of Believers around this class and using these Assignments.

Believers who will Work for Allah and do Jihad to create a Qur'an-Based System of Justice and Truth around world: with their Hands If They Can; otherwise with their Tongues; or, at the least, with their Hearts!

Universal System of Truth and Justice -- Haqq and 'Adl and Qist -- in which People of all Races, "Religions" and Nationalities can live together in peace and harmony.


  1. Use Mu'jam to find the Word Entry Hasbi -- Hasbee -- as in Hasbiyallahu.
  1. Using Mu'jam to locate Aayat where Word Entry Hasbee -- Hasbiyallahu-- occurs.
  1. Put away Mu'jam and go to your copy of the Mushaf.
  1. In the Mushaf, pick up that Aayah where the expression Hasbiyallahu occurs in the Qur'an.
  1. Read and recite that Aayah aloud as many times as you can.
  1. Read a few Aayaat before and a few Aayaat after the Aayat Karimah in which the expression Hasbiyallahu occurs.
  1. Find as many translations of that aayat as you can and read them all.
  1. Do a thorough Comparative Analysis of those different translations.
  1. Identify the Commonalities and Differences between and among translations.
  1. If you do all this seeking Allah's Pleasure -- Ridaa-i-Ilaahi-- then, it is a Pathway to Paradise. If otherwise, then, it is what it is.
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