Dr. Pasha’s Arabic sessions – Lesson: 43

Oct 15, 2020


Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions — Lesson 43

One Final Assignment for Today’s So-Called Class,
Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020

I Want to Say: 
Come and Watch the Miracles Unfold, 
Right in Front of Your Eyes!

  1. May Allah give you all Istiqaamat.
  1. May Allah open your hearts and minds — and the windows of your Soul (Ruh) — for the Light of His Word, the Qur’an.
  1. Kindly, study the following aayats:

    3.a. Allahu Noorus Samaawaati Wal Ardi.
    3.b. Qad Jaa-a-kum Minallahi Noorun wa Kitaabun Mubeen.

  1. Also study following two aayats:

    4.a. Sa-Yaj’alullahu Ba’da Usrin Yusraa.
    4.b. Fa-Inna Ma’al Usri Yusran, Inna Ma’al Usri Yusraa.

  1. Also, study all of Surah Inshiraah: Al-Alam Nashrah Laka Sadraka.


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