Dr. Pasha’s Arabic sessions – Lesson: 47


Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions — Lesson 47

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Read Every Word Carefully!

  1. Textbooks are merely tools that people use to achieve their goals of learning.
  1. It is always People that are in charge of their lives — and their Destinies. Including the Learning Objectives, they set for themselves.
  1. That is how Allah has decreed it for Human Beings.
  1. Human Being (Insaan) will get nothing more than what he or she strives and works and struggles for.
  1. Words of the Qur’an Karim on the subject are crystal clear:

    Layisa Lil-Insaani Illaa Maa Sa’aa!

  1. But, “ultimately” as they say, Knowledge is given by Allah in the form, and in proportions, and along a timescale, he sees fit to whom he sees fit.
  1. Especially, the Knowledge of Qur’an Karim.
  1. It is a Gift Allah confers on whom he wishes.
  1. At the Human level, Knowledge of Qur’an and of Allah’s Language Arabic correlates with the purity and condition of the Human Soul.
  1. If the Soul is Ego-Driven, and if it is shrouded in Cobwebs of Nafs and Hawaa, it will not allow the Light of Allah to reach it.
  1. And Qur’an is Allah’s Light on Earth.
  1. Qur’an is Noor. So says Allah in the Qur’an.
  1. If Qur’an is Allah’s Noor, what do you think Allah’s Language Arabic is in which Allah chose to speak and write to his Khalq: Al-Aalameen?
  1. Read up following book:

    Dr. Pasha’s Qur’an is the Answer! 

    Read every word of it. 

    And check every Aayat Karimah that is referenced in that book.

    This book is available Free.

  1. Use the Mu’jam and Mushaf to check the Words and the Aayaat respectively.
  1. Check Nouns and Verbs and Other Kalimaat: Words
  1. Do that for every Aayat.
  1. The book is Free.
  1. Also, acquire a copy of Dr. Pasha’s book, also Free:

    Qur’an Reading Made Easy!

  1. Read and master every word of it. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time.
  1. That little book is half of the Arabic Language.
  1. It is about the Script of the Language of Allah Arabic.
  1. And it is about the correct and proper uttering and enunciation of the Words of the Language of Allah Arabic.
  1. Master the Alphabets.
  1. Master the Sounds.
  1. Master Round and Flat Sounds.
  1. Master Long and Short Sounds.
  1. Master Sounds that require a Special Performance like SaawdDaawdQaawf.
  1. And Ayin and Ghayin.
  1. And Haa that comes after Jeem and Haa that comes before Yaa.
  1. Nations and Societies that own their language, own their Identity and their Destiny.
  1. And those who want to conquer, dominate and destroy nations and societies, and plunder their resources, their biggest focus is on how to destroy the Language and Language-Based Culture of those Nations and Societies.
  1. Do some serious and real research and find out all you can about the Latinization or Romanization of the Arabic-Farsi Script of the Language of Allah Arabic at the hands of the Soviet Union in the Muslim Soviet Socialist Republics and their Arabic-Script-Based Muslim Languages.
  1. And by Mustafa Kamal in Turkey.
  1. Find out what happened to Great Centers of Islamic Learning and Culture such as Bukhara.
  1. Sometime in the early part of the 20th Century
  1. In the Soviet Union.
  1. And in the new Republic of Turkey that was created after the defeat and dismantling of the Ottoman Empire as they call it.
  1. And you thought learning Allah’s Language Arabic was all Fun and Games!