Dr. Pasha’s Arabic sessions – Lesson: 50

Nov 5, 2020


Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions — Lesson 50

Assignment: Baab Taf’eel

And Some More Theory!

If you are part of Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions, you must read every word of every so-called assignment, lesson and post!

Otherwise, you may be wasting your time and setting yourself up for frustration and disappointment!

  1. Allahu Akbar! Probably no more than a few weeks and we are on Lesson # 50! Things like this happen when Allah’s Rahmat looks in your direction.

    Nothing at all to do with any putative or supposed Human Talent, Effort or Achievement. Even though in the System of IslamResults are said to be Correlated to Effort

    As the Aayah Karimah says:

    Layisa Lil-Insaani Illaa Maa Sa’aa!

  1. For, in effect, we are writing our own Textbook as we move along, Bi-Idhnillah. As usual, Unlike Any in the market.
  1. Introducing a new technical term: fourth one, I guess.

    After SarfNahw and Dameer.

    And that fourth term is Baab. Means door. Here it means the Meter or the Scale or the Form or the Format for a given Verb. How does a fancy name like Verbometer sound? 

  1. Those are all the Arabic Language Technicalities we have learned up to this point. SarfNahwDameer and, now, Baab.

    SarfStructure of individual words.

    NahwArchitecture of words placed together, 
    in the form of a sentence, maybe.

    Grammar, maybe.

    Dameer: Pronoun.

    Baab: Verbometer.

  1. So, today’s — and for as long as you want and require to get it done — Assignment is to take a Three-Letter Verb like Fa-‘A-La, convert it to the Baab of Taf’eel, which is really a Four-Letter Verb Meter from Fa’ala – with Shaddah on Ayin.


  1. So, take Fa-a-la. Change it to Fa’ala (with Shaddah on Ayin), and then work through it to go to Present Tense, and so on, in the following manner:

    Fa’ala — Shaddah on Ayin: He did it.

    Yufa’ilu — Shaddah on Ayin: He Is doing it.

    Taf’eelun: Noun. The act of doing it.

    Mufa’ilun — Shaddah on Ayin: He is the Doer.

    Fa’il — Shaddah on Ayin: Do it. Command.

    Laa Tufa’il — Shaddah on Ayin: Don’t do it. Forbidding you to do it.

  1. Do the same Exercise with following Verbs:

    a) Fassara.
    b) Qaddara.
    c) Nazzala.
    d) Yassara.
    e) Hassana.
    f) Wajjaha.
    g) Kammala.
    h) Dammara.
    i) Qatta’a.
    j) Dabbara.

    k) And whatever else you want to fit into that Meter or Baab.

  1. Use Mu’jam to locate any of these words.
  1. Use Mushaf to locate any of the Aayaat (Plural) in which these words may occur.
  1. Read whatever Aayaat Allah allows you to read.
  1. Read those aayaat aloud and “Sing” them.
  1. Use any Arabic-English Dictionary to figure out the meaning of words.
  1. Avoid Translations — in any language — as much as you can. 
  1. Use Translations, but only after you have done your Due Diligence, to better understand the sense of the words of the Aayat.
  1. Avoid, as much as you can, Tafseer in any language.
  1. Remember, Arabic Language is two things:

    (a) Verbs. 
    (b) Nouns

     All else is peripheral and incidental to these two main components.

  1. Now, you have learned the Arabic Language that Allah used for his Book the Qur’an, the Language in which Allah chose to SPEAK TO YOU!
  1. That is right. Get this:

    First, Allah spoke to you!

  1. Second:

    Allah used the Arabic Language to do so.

  1. Third:

    Allah did so through the Qur’an.

  1. No one else, and nothing else, brings a direct call from God Almighty to Human Beings saying: “O People!”

    Yaa Ayyuhannaasu!

  1. This alone should be enough — that Single Expression Annaas — to convert the whole world to Islam and to the Qur’an.
  1. For, this is a Clinching Argument in favor of the fact that only God Almighty could have used an expression like that.
  1. Human Equality and Parity of Genders — Men and Women — were Concepts with which, we saw with our own eyes, Human Languages were struggling almost through the 1980s-1990s.
  1. If only Muslims had done their Duty and Shared the Qur’an with the rest of the world, who knows what might have happened.
  1. Over the past 50-60 years, Allah gave an amazing opportunity to Western Muslims in general and for Muslims of America in particular — Members of the Western Wing of the Muslim Ummah — to share Qur’an with the West in General and with America and American People in Particular.
  1. An opportunity, and an invitation from Allah that Western and American Muslims, generally speaking, rejected and turned their back on.
  1. And Muslims in the West, Muslims throughout the World, and the Whole World paid the price for Western Muslims in General and American Muslims in Particular failing to do their Duty of Sharing the Qur’an with the West in General and with America and American People in Particular.
  1. If Muslims in the West, and in America in particular, want to save themselves, and the rest of the world, from Allah’s Wrath and Punishment, they must turn to the Qur’an with Determined Focus and do their best to share the Qur’an with the people of West in General and with the People of America in Particular.
  1. Even though the Environment Today, and the Conditions Today, are very different from what they were during the 1960s and 1970s.
  1. And, as a result, the Challenges Muslims will face in trying to do their Duty of Sharing the Qur’an with the West and America, are also likely to be quite different, and perhaps more daunting.
  1. But the Alternative is further Punishment — and Consequences for All — from Allah!


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