Dr. Pasha's Arabic sessions - Lesson: 51

Nov 8, 2020


Dr. Pasha's Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions -- Lesson 51

Qur'an Is a Call to Action!

Qur'an Has An Action Plan for All of Humanity!

Read Every Word!

Continuing to Bring Islam to the World: 
One Single Concept at a Time!

  1. I shall start this so-called Lesson 51. Allah will take it as far as he wants. As he always does.
  1. But what a Misnomer it is! To say: I Shall Start This. Or That! And Allah will finish it.
  1. For, it is Allah who starts things and, also, ends them: How he wants. And When and Where he wants.
  1. Namrood claimed that he owned the Power to Start and End Things -- such as Life and Death.
  1. Ibrahim, Alayhis Salam, silenced him with one simple statement: Whoever controls the Rising and Setting of the Sun in the Sky, also controls the Origin, End and Course of Human Life on Earth.
  1. So, Learning Arabic Language is Learning the Qur'an:

    a. Learning to Read it.
    b. Learning to Understand it.
    c. Learning to Put it in Practice -- Individually as well as Collectively

    (i) In our Own Personal Lives.
    (ii) In all our Societies and Communities.
    (iii) In the Entire World.

  1. And doing so by trying to build and establish in the world the System of Universal Justice, Truth, Equality, Love, Mercy and Compassion that Qur'an brought for the Benefit of the Entire World: Muslim, Non-Muslim; Animate, Inanimate!
  1. This is the Most Basic and Fundamental Duty of Every Single Muslim Everywhere, and Always -- Male as well as Female. To accept, and to work to implement, the Qur'an's Action Plan for Humanity and the World.
  1. This is what Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, worked for -- all his life.
  1. And this is the True Sunnat of Rasulullah, Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.
  1. So, Learning the Arabic Language, and also the Qur'an, can be for one of two reasons:

    a. For Allah.

    b. For Shaitan.

  1. Learning the Arabic Language -- and the Qur'an -- for Allah means Learning to Embrace, Advocate and Implement the Human Action Plan outlined in the Qur'an.
  1. For, Qur'an is a Call to Action -- to All Human Beings -- among and above all things that the Qur'an is.
  1. The Qur'an, for example, is Shifaa -- a Cure for Ailments of the Heart:

    Wa Shifaa-un Limaa Fis-Sudoor.

  1. And the Qur’an is also Wonderful Advice:

    Mawu'izatun Min Rabbikum.

  1. And the Qur'an of course is Guidance and a Complete Set of Instructions on how Human Beings should live their lives on Earth.

    Hudan Lil-Muttaqeen.

  1. But the Qur'an is a Clear and Clarion Call to Action.
  1. And the Qur'an addresses this Call to Action, sometimes, to All Human Beings.

    Yaa Ayyuhannaas!

  1. There is nothing like it in all Human Language: In any Culture or Religion.
  1. And sometimes the Qur'an issues its Call to Action addressing Specific Groups of People, such as The Believers:

    Yaa Ayyuhal-Ladeena Aamanoo!

  1. And sometimes, the Message in Qur'an's Call to Action is Specific:

    a. Aaminoo!

    Have the Right Kind of Belief!

    b. Aqeemus-Salaah!

    Establish Salaah!

    c. Aatuz-Zakaah!

    Give Zakaah!

  1. And sometimes Qur'an's Message in the Call to Action is a bit More General:

    a. Koonoo Qawwameena Bil-Qisti!

    Be Champions, Advocates and Fighters for Universal Justice!

    b. Wa Shu-Hadaa-a Lillah!

    Be Allah's Spokespeople!

    Be Allah's Witnesses!

  1. Failure or Refusal to respond to Qur'an's Call to Action, and to embrace and come forward to implement Qur'an's Action Plan for Humanity, is a recipe for Disaster for All.
  1. Right here in this world. As well as in the next world.


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