Dr. Pasha's Arabic sessions - Lesson: 54

Dec 22, 2020


Dr. Pasha's Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions -- Lesson 54

Read Every Word Carefully!

1. I have started to say now that you are, Mashallah, done. And that means you have now accomplished the goal you set for yourself: Learning Allah's Arabic Language.

2. What you need now is the following: 

a) A bit of self-confidence. Without falling victim to Nafs.

b) A bit of real hard work: Doing your Assignments in a systematic and persistent way.

c) Recitation and chanting aloud of the words, expressions, and Aayaat of the Qur'an. 

This is called Dhikr. And Dhikr lies at the heart of all efforts to learn Arabic.

d) Continuing the method outlined several times to use the Dictionary to get the meaning of words.

e) And to use the Mu'jam to locate the Aayats of the Qur'an.

f) Aayat: singular. Aayaat: plural.

g) If you cheat, or cut corners, you will burn up whatever Barkat and Blessings maybe headed your way.

h) Learning -- Ilm -- is discipline and humility and denial of Nafs.

i) To get to some partial sense of what Nafs is, read up what are called the Seven Deadly Sins.

j) Nafs Ammaarah is home to the Seven Deadly Sins and to a whole host of others.

h) Without tackling the Nafs, the rest of Islam may just be an Illusion.

i) In fact, Islam is all about taming your Nafs and bringing it under control.

j) That maybe why Fighting Your Nafs is sometimes referred to as the Al-Jihad Al-Akbar: The Great Jihad.

k) Jihad means StruggleJihad mean FightJihad means War.

l) Jihad starts with fighting and overcoming your Nafs and ends in Waging War against the enemies of Allah; enemies of Truth; and enemies of Haqq.

m) Jihad means Waging War to establish Peace and Justice on Earth. And that cannot be done witout your overcoming and defeating your Nafs first.

n) Study Aayaat Jihad.

o) Study Aayat: Wal-Takun Minkum Ummatun Yad'oona Ilal Khayiri...

p) Study Aayat: Kuntum Khayira Ummatin Ukhrijat Linnaasi...

q) Study Aayaat Mashiyyat: All Aayaat in which words like the following occur: Maa Yashaa'. Man Yashaa'.

r) And Aayaat in which the word Shaa-a occurs in reference to Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta'ala.

s) Mashallah, you know Allah's language Arabic now. All you have to do is continue the hard work. And continue to build on what you have learned.

t) And work with Finite Timelines. Set the date when you will start a project. And a date when you will finish it.

u) Everything about Allah begins and ends in Infinity. Everything about Humans must be bound by Space and Time. In the language of the Qur'an, it is called Ajalun Musamma

v) To turn our back on Space and Time is to turn our back on Islam.

x) Al-Awwalu wal Aakhiru: Infinite in Time. Temporal Infinity.

y) Az-Zaahiru wal Baatinu: Infinite in Space. Spatial Infinity.

z) To be Khaaliq is to be Unbounded. To be Makhlooq is to be Bounded.

aa) First Commandment: Requires and Enjoins Tawuheed

Study it thoroughly and carefully.

bb) Second Commandment: Forbids Shirk in most specific terms

Also, study it thoroughly and carefully.

cc) Second Commandment provides Tafseer of Aayat Karimah: Layisa Ka-Mithlihi Shayi-un.

dd) Study AayatLayisa Ka-Mithlihi Shayi-un.

ee) Tell your Christian Friends these facts about First Commandment and Second Commandment.

ff) Also, include this point as an Agenda Item in your next Interfaith Dinner Party.


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