Dr. Pasha’s Arabic sessions – Lesson: 55

Dec 23, 2020


Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions — Lesson 55

Read Every Word Carefully!

  1. Let me be candid, as they say: Arabic Language is compulsory for all Muslims, in all ages and all lands.
  1. Fluency reading the Qur’an in original Arabic Script should be considered a Minimum Requirement for being a Muslim. Even though, technically, saying La Illaha Illallah earns you membership in Islam right away. 
  1. Islam may be about math: You spent 5 years, FULL TIME, in Whatever. Then another 5 years into Whatever. Then another 2 years doing This Level and That Level. Then 4 years doing some kind of college. Then doing 2-3 years doing something else. 

    All this is a lot of years out of your life. And this was FULL TIME. Meaning, you did nothing else but this. 

    And you came out with a few alphabet letters — A, B, C, D — attached to your name: Totally immersed in a language called English, and yet most of us barely able to spell it; read it; or speak it. Except in our own native tongues.

    Full Time!

    But all the time you have for Allah’s Language Arabic — and for Allah’s Book Qur’an — are a few moments, and that too when you are done doing every other conceivable thing in your life.

    Is this a joke? And who says Muslims do not have a Sense of Humor?

    And that is who most of us Muslims have become: Ghuthaa-un Ka Guthaa-is-Sayili.

    Assignment: Check the meaning of Ghuthaa-un Ka Guthaa-is-Sayili in Arabic-English Dictionary.

    Then: check the Hadith Sharif which describes Latter-Day Muslims in these words: Ghuthaa-un Ka Guthaa-is-Sayili.

  1. So, Arabic Language should be the Primary Language of All Muslims Everywhere.
  1. And Qur’an should be the Primary Focus of All Muslims Everywhere.
  1. And it is Never Too Late to commit yourself to the goal of achieving this in your own life and in the life of all those you know.
  1. And commit yourself — at the same time — to making this happen all over the world.
  1. This is the kind of Jihad every man, woman and child can wage, sitting right where you are.
  1. Things used to be that way. Western White Colonization of Muslim Lands, starting roughly with year 1500, changed all that: slowly but surely.

    And, frequently, using brute Force and Genocide: both Physical and Cultural.

  1. Give some Graduate Student Somewhere $20 dollars and ask them to do some research and find out:

    If and How Arabic Script of the Qur’an was replaced with Whatever:

    a) In Turkey — courtesy: Mr. Kamal Mustafa.

    b) In countries of Central Asia: You know all those Istans of some kind — From Russia and Lenin with a lot of love.

    c) In Bengal: The Brits.

    d) In Africa — Swahili and What Not: Who knows who?

    So Muslims did not become today’s Paper Tigers just like that. It took a lot of doing. Centuries of it, if you ask me. By the Western Colonial Powers to get the Muslims to where they are today.

    Liberation is largely mental. It is a state of the mind. Just as Slavery is. So, make up your mind — in a hurry — if you want to be a Colonial Puppet for the rest of your life. Or you want to live and die Free. For, chances are, as you live so shall you also die.

  1. Carefully, study the Aayaat identified below.
  1. For each Aayat, identify Fi’l, Faa-‘il and Maf’ool.
  1. And Amr and Nahy.
  1. And for each Fi’l, identify Maadi or Mudaari‘.
  1. And identify Huroof such as: Min, An, Alaa, Hattaa, Ilaa.
  1. And Inna and Anna.
  1. And Kaana and its derivatives.
  1. And for each Ism or Noun, identify Singular and Plural and Tathniyah.
  1. If all this appears too much, then just think about the 20-Plus Years you spent — Full Time— devoted to earning just a few letters of the English Alphabet.
  1. Aayaat Mubarakah to study:

    a) Aayaat with words As-Samaawaat wal Ard.

    b) Aayaat Fasaad.

    c) Aayaat Fir’aun.

    d) Aayat Ibrahim, Alaihis Salam.

    e) Aayaat Qawum Aad.

    f) Aayaat Qawum Thamood.

    g) Aayaat Qawum Nuh, Alaihis Salam.

    h) Aayaat Ashaab Madyan.

    i) Aayaat Shu’aib, Alaihis Salam.

    j) Aayaat Qawum Lut, Alaihis Salam.

    k) Aayaat Adhaab.

    l) Aayaat in which Allah talks about how he dealt with those who defied and disobeyed his Messengers, Alaihim Assalam, and did not heed their call to repent and to come to Allah.

    m) Chant and Recite Aloud and Repeat as many times as you possibly can — till you become totally and completely fluent.

May Allah open your hearts and make you all the vanguard of the Movement to Restore Allah’s Language Arabic to Its Place of Primacy in the Life of Muslims Throughout the World.

And to help make the Qur’an the Light and the Nur by which Humanity Everywhere will find its way to its Maker, Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

And this world will become a Better Place for All!


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