Dr. Pasha’s Arabic sessions – Lesson: 59

Dec 26, 2020


Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions — Lesson 59

Read Every Word Carefully!

 Aayat Karimah: Ud’u Ilaa Sabeeli Rabbika!

And Aayat Karimah: 

Fa-Li-Dhaalika Fad’u Wastaqim Kamaa Umirta, 
Wa Laa Tattabi’ Ahwaa-ahum!

And Aayat Karimah: Layisa Lil-insaani Illa Maa Sa’aa!

And Aayat Karimah: Wa Kulla Yawumin Huwa Fi Sha’nin!

Congratulations, and Allah’s Blessings on you. You have now completed your so-called Arabic Class (non-class actually).

In less than three months, mashallah

And that means you are on your own now. From now on, you will go as far as you actually want to go, and only that far and no farther, using the tools Allah has supplied you through this so-called Class.

Layisa Lil-Insaani Illaa Maa Sa’aa!


“Humans can have nothing more than what they strive for! Nothing more than what they put in!”

Transliterations are Haram. Because, there is no way you can ever read the Qur’an correctly using them.

Translations, especially in English Language, are woefully inadequate. And at times outright wrong and misleading.

And there is no earthly way for you to rely on English Translations, exclusively, and then hope to understand the Qur’an.

Commentaries, no matter by whom, are exactly what they say they are: Comments by people on Allah’s words.

The deeper you get into them, the farther you may wander off from the Text of of the Qur’an.

And the more the layers, and Degrees of Separation, and distance, call them hurdles and impediments if you wish, you will put between yourself and the words of almighty Allah.

And the Noor that those words carry.

The remedy is, Allah says in the Qur’an:

Fa-Firroo Ilallah!

There is no way to render this Mubarak and Most Blessed and Powerful Aayat or Passage from the Qur’an than to say: 

So, Run to Allah!”

Who knows what exactly that means?

And This So-Called “Invite” Thing!

Qur’an says:


I can only render it in English as, “Invite!” As, “Tell!”

As, Go Fetch!

So, Qur’an seems to have made “Inviting Others” to What You Are Doing a Significant Component of its Message to the World.

Whatever it is that you are doing. And whoever it is that you are.

Qur’an says: Go, Tell the World to Join You! And to Become Like You!

And keep telling them, and keep telling them, and keep telling them!

And keep telling them — well, till all the Camels and Cows come home.

And I don’t even know if Camels ever come back home.

So, People, all those who attend, or deliver, or facilitate, or support this so-called Arabic Sessions Program in any way, do your Qur’an DutyGo, Tell Everyone Everywhere to Come and Attend These Sessions!

And keep telling them! 

For, if you pay attention, you will notice that the Qur’an is the Al-Awwal of these Sessions

As well as the Al-Akhir of these Sessions

Every single one of them.

Qur’an is their Beginning, and, Inshallah, Qur’an is also their End and Final Product.

For the simple reason that Qur’an and Allah’s Arabic Language are not two different and separate things, but one and the same. 

They are two sides of the Same Single Coin of Divine Revelation on Earth.

One is the Form and the other is the Content. You figure out which is which.

Qur’an, to say the least, is a Strange Document. Took it from Aayat Karimah:

Qul Oohiya Ilayya Innahu Istama’a Nafarun Minal-Jinni, 
Faqaaloo Innaa Sami’naa Qur’anan Ajabaa.

It chases down some folks, abandons some others. 

It is Light and Healing for some; Deafness and Blindness in some others.

Fi Aadhaanihim Waqrun,
Wa Huwa Alaihim Amaa!

Some of us are fortunate, Qur’an seems to have us in its Crosshairs

And we are in and out with the Qur’an. We play Hide-and-Go-Seek with the Qur’an, as our Worldly Concerns, Pursuits, Preoccupations and Constraints permit us to do.

So, some of us attend these So-Called Arabic Language Sessions, at all odd times, and with a most whimsical schedule and mercurial lead time.

Some others, as always, have better things to pursue. More fun ways of whiling away the days and hours Allah gave us.

Some of us find themselves in the strange position of having to do — to Run and to Deliver — these So-Called Sessions, even though they may have neither the education, nor the skills, nor the qualifications, nor the temperament, to do it.

And maybe totally unfit for Human Consumption from most standards of social norms and civilized human conduct.

“So-Called” because how do you have an Arabic Session without a known and proper Textbook, without Certifications, without qualifications? 

And without a Plan most normal people can see.

And without even the proper Vocabulary of the Field?


Carefully analyze and study the Aayat:

Fa-Lidhaalika Fad’u Wastaqim Kamaa Umirta…

Words and meaning. Using Dictionary and Translations.

And then “Reflect” on the Aayat and its implications and larger import and content and context and outcome.


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