Dr. Pasha’s Arabic sessions – Lesson: 61

Jan 30, 2021

Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions — Lesson 61

Read Every Word Carefully! For, Islam Is Reading!

  1. Islam is about Reading. So, start the Habit of Daily Reading today.
  1. Qur’an means Something to Read. So, start Reading today.
  1. Read all the e-mails that come to you from these Arabic Language Sessions. And read them carefully.
  1. Read all the postings on www.IslamicSolutions.Com that in any way pertain to these Arabic Language Sessions.
  1. Islam is about Telling Others. So, start the Habit of Telling Others today.
  1. Islam is about Telling Others to Do Ma’roof. So, start right now the Habit of Telling Others to Do Ma’roof.
  1. Ma’roof means Something Good. So, starting today, tell everybody you meet to Do Something Good.
  1. If these Arabic Language Sessions are, in your view, Ma’roof, tell everybody about them, and bring everybody to them.
  1. Islam is also about Telling Others Not to do Munkar.
  1. Munkar means Something Bad.
  1. So, starting from today, get in the Habit of Telling Others Not to Do Something Bad that They Are Doing.
  1. And, if these Arabic Language Sessions are, in your view, Munkar work to Stop Them.
  1. According to the Hadith, you stop Munkar Primarily with your Hands.
  1. But if you cannot stop Munkar with your hands, you try to stop it with your Tongue. Condemn it, denounce it and speak against it.

    And use all your Powers and Modes and Tools of Communication do so.

  1. But if you are unable to stop Munkar even with your Tongue, then you at least do so in your own heart. 
  1. This could mean, resent that Munkar in your heart. Dissociate and distance yourself from that Munkar in your own mind.
  1. And doing so, Stopping Munkar in Your Own Heart is the Weakest Form of Iman:

    Wa Dhaalika Ad’aful Iman.

  1. And this resentment and this dissociation is the very last degree of Iman left inside you. And, as one Hadith says, there is not an Iota of Iman left after that.
  1. If you can, kindly check that Hadith and make sure I got the right sense, and you have the right words, of that particular Hadith.
  1. Read the Hadith that says

    Al-Imanu Bid’un wa Sab’oona Shu’batan…

  1. Carefully read the part that says that the Lowest Degree of Iman is Removing Al-Adhaa from the path.
  1. Al-Adhaa could mean any and all things that can create a problem for people.
  1. At-Tareeq means Path or Way. It could mean Grounds
  1. It could mean the Entire Earth, from Arctic to Antarctic.
  1. Words used in the Hadith are:

    Imaatatul Adhaa Anit-Tareeqi.

  1. This could mean, if you do not do even that much, then there is no Iman left inside you any more.
  1. After reading the Hadith several times, try and memorize the Hadith.
  1. After that, consider the Implications of this Hadith for what is called Climate Change
  1. Consider how, if Muslims are properly educated and trained, in Qur’an and Hadith, they could be a force for a good environment and a healthy climate for everybody, all over the world.
  1. Then consider how you all can play a part in starting an International Day of Islamic Clean Up.
  1. Then see how you all can be part of starting an International Islamic Clean Up Program from as many mosques as you can, throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Caribbean, UK and Europe, based on the Hadith Sharif that seems to say that the Lowest Degree of Iman was to Clean Up Allah’s Earth from all things that cause a problem for human beings and animals and other life forms.
  1. The exact words of that Hadith Sharif that specify our Environmental Obligations are as follows:

    Imaatatul Adhaa Anit-Tareeqi.

  1. And the words of the Hadith that say that is the weakest degree of Iman anyone can have, if I recall the Hadith right, are as follows:

    Wa Dhaalika Ad’aful Iman.

  1. Do not forget that Qur’an is absolutely the Best Arabic Language Text in Existence.
  1. And also that Hadith — the Words of Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam — comes right behind the Qur’an in this category of being absolutely the Best Arabic Language Text in Existence at Number Two.


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