Dr. Pasha’s Arabic sessions – Lesson: 63

May 19, 2021

Dr. Pasha’s Arabic Language and Cultural Immersion Sessions — Lesson 63

Some Rule Reminders

  1. Read Every Word Carefully! For, Islam Is Reading!
  1. Islam is Discipline. And we need to show that Iron Discipline during our sessions as well. 
  1. Wandering eyes, and distracted behavior, may be disrespectful to the Qur’an and rude to the speaker, if there is one.
  1. Just remember Salat-Bil-Jama’ah and act accordingly. Follow the Imam and do not act ahead of him.
  1. We all should wait for my lead and not rush out of the line to do things on their own.
  1. Allow me opportunity to call on people individually using my judgment. Do not speak out of turn. That will skew the whole session.
  1. When I am speaking, all men should be visible on camera. I should be able to look at all men and address them individually as I feel necessary. And every man should do their best to engage with me.
  1. Try not to put words in my mouth. Generally speaking, every word I use has been thought through for years, even decades.
  1. Make no mistake. I am out to change the very language: English Language
  1. Do not anticipate what I am going to say. It is a setback for us to do so.
  1. Many of the words and expressions people have learned over the years are either inadequate or flat out wrong. So, allow me the opportunity to correct problem ideas and expressions. 
  1. That can only happen when I am allowed the opportunity to complete what I am saying. And be ready to change your words and thoughts once you realize they are wrong.
  1. Arguing about the Aayats of the Qur’an without knowing or understanding what they mean is flat out wrong and must be avoided.
  1. We should all read these write-ups and the so-called Lesson Plans. Without that what we do on Zoom may not have much meaning.
  1. We must all read the e-mails sent out by Dr. Firdaus and respond to them. It is not only dysfunctional not to do so, it is plain rude.
  1. Islam begins where rudeness ends. 
  1. We must all get in the habit of reading: among other things, reading the e-mails; IslamicSolutions.Com postings, and so on. Otherwise, how on earth do we communicate with each other and share ideas?
  1. We must all make a firm resolution in our minds that we will learn the Qur’an, understand the Qur’an and then take the Qur’an to every home and heart that needs it — and which one does not.
  1. Islam is not outsourcing Islam to hired hands and even to one’s own children and youth. Islam is every individual, male as well as female, shouldering the burden of Islam themselves.
  1. To understand this, consider how the Sahaabah Kiraam did it. And then follow their method and behavior. 
  1. It was each Sahaabi that carried the burden of Islam. Not his slave. Not his son.
  1. Islam is not about “Saving Your Own Children,” while the world continues to burns. Islam is “Saving the World,” even if that has to be done by sacrificing yourself and your children and your family.
  1. Now go back and study the life of the Sahaabah and see how they did all this.
  1. Study Active and Passive Verbs. Fi’l Ma’roof and Majhool.
  1. Study Direct and Indirect Commands. Amr and Nahy. Mukhaatab and Ghaa-ib.
  1. Study Basheer and Nazeer.


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