Drive-by Experts on Islam

Jun 10, 2010

My position is: You want to reform Islam? Sure, why not? Everything needs reform and change. That is the nature of this world. So let us sit down and do it. Item by item, let us change everything about Islam and see what comes out.

Ready? Here are just a fistful of examples:

  1. Islam says: God is one. What do you say?

    Belief in One God — by the way is what Moses and Jesus preached too. Don’t believe me? Read your Bible — the Old as well as the New Testaments.

  2. Islam says you must wash your hands frequently and often. You want to change that divine stipulation into what now?

    Didn’t you hear the whole world is moving up to it? No? Ask ASM (as in American Society of Microbiology). While you are at it, also ask them if they ever bothered to give Islam and Muslims credit for their borrowing of this practice.

  3. Islam says brush your teeth several times a day — five times would be a good ballpark figure. And you want to reform it to what? Why not talk to your friendly neighborhood dentist first?

  4. Islam says Paradise lies under the feet of your mothers. And your reformed version would say what? Banish motherhood to Mars as an obsolete patriarchal anachronism in modern times?

  5. Islam says love your neighbor. And you say what?

    By the way, Jesus said the same thing. So, you can reform the whole thing in one fell swoop of your pen: the teachings of Jesus and the teachings of Muhammad, God bless them both. No wonder people claim they killed Jesus, God bless him!

  6. Islam says God is Truth. And your take on it is…? Lie through your teeth for God’s glory? And for your own personal power and enrichment as part of that charade?

    How would you like to have it “reformed”? Let us, for example, all revel in false, black, baseless propaganda during the day and get drunk during the night to silence our little Jimini Crickets (of the Dumbo fame) — to kill our nettlesome conscience?

  7. Islam says do not commit aggression. And you are saying we should change it to what now?

  8. Islam says humanity is one family. What amendment do you propose to that?

  9. Islam says success should be earned through performance and character and not inherited by birth. How do you want to change it?

  10. Islam says “Read!” You say …?

  11. Islam says taking one single life wrongfully and without due process is tantamount to wiping out all of humanity. I call it Humanicide. How would you like to soften it a bit?

The trick here is not to lose sight of the fact that Islam is 1400 years and counting. We want to make sure that what you may call reform is not something you picked up from Islam itself yesterday or day-before-yesterday while no one was watching.

Islam by Definition is Moderate, Modern and Civilized

The fact is that Islam is Islam. And Islam is from God. And, as a result, Islam is by definition, and by its very nature, most moderate, most modern and most civilized. So much so that if something is not moderate and civilized then chances are that it is not Islam to begin with.

And, conversely, if there are things out there that are vehemently, irrationally and fanatically opposed and even hostile to Islam, chances are they will then also be opposed and antithetical to all these other parameters of civilized living.

That means in all ages and places, Islam will be the measure of all things rational, civilized and ideal, and to the extent things depart from Islam to that extent they will also be deviant and digressive from the rational and the civilized.

One simple, almost intuitive, way to test this claim is to check both Islamic and non-Islamic assertions of various kinds for their truth-value and for the extent to which they use truthfulness as an epistemological tool and communication device.

In other words, Islam will not lie or misrepresent facts. It does not need to. Non-Islam, on the other hand, will lie routinely, and almost compulsively, because it must, and because its very survival and success depend on it. Non-Islam will use truth-telling as a methodology only when it stands to gain by it or when it is forced to do so.

So, when you pit Islam against non-Islam, what it comes down to really is a question of telling the truth vs. lying through your teeth. Reverse the flow for a moment: instead of starting with Islam — or with non-Islam — and trying to figure out what is truth, start out with truth and then see where it takes you. That is Truth 101. It is also the Idiot’s Guide to Islam and non-Islam in Today’s World.

As for respecting women, come on, let us get serious. Islam put women 1400 years ago on a pedestal so high that much of the rest of the world cannot reach it even on a spaceship, even in today’s space age.

Practically everything the world has done to give a semblance of rights and respect to women is a grudging and infuriatingly halting attempt to catch up with Islam. It has taken the world 1400 years and the world is still working at it.

No wonder so many in non-Islam are so upset and angry with Islam on this and on so many other points. For, no matter how hard they huff and puff and get to a point where they think is the summit, the Shangrila of their achievement, Islam is already lolling there with an infuriating smirk on its face.

Secret to Islam’s Success: Its Resilience

Contrary to what many people think, Islam’s success is due in large part to its resilience. It is due to a significant degree to Islam’s unified core of belief and behavior on the one and its flexible periphery on the other hand. That is the worldly or physical explanation of why Islam survived untouched and untrammeled by vicissitudes of fate.

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