During This COVID-19 Crisis,
Is It Time to Turn to God in America?

Dec 24, 2020


During This COVID-19 Crisis, 
Is It Time for America to Turn to God?

Dr. Pasha

Year 2020 is drawing to a close. Times are tough. Challenges everywhere.

There is Surge upon Surge in Coronavirus cases. With experts warning about worse to come.

The world is beginning to drop its make-up and its glitter. And it is beginning to look like what it really is: an ephemeral, mercurial, unstable, treacherous place.

Nobody’s friend! And true and loyal and faithful to no one!

Just like God says in the Qur’an:

Let not worldly life and its charms deceive you!”

And also, just like the Qur’an warns us in reference to the Devil and his guile:

Do not allow the Devil to beguile and hoodwink you!”

In America, doctors will not see patients. All or most what are called “Elective Surgeries and Procedures” are gone and big-name hospitals are incurring loss of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The exploitation that used to be perpetrated by some irresponsible sources on people seems to be going on as usual.

At the same time, not too many people seem to be repenting of their wrongdoing or changing their ways.

Not too many voices seem to be clamoring about the role of God Almighty in our life, and about any possible Correlation that Divine Dispensation in Heaven May Have to Human Conduct on Earth.

And offering alternative and better ways of thinking and living life on earth, in ways that will please God in Heaven and remove his Wrath from all of us on this Earth.

So, Muslims as well as Non-Muslims, let us all turn to God, in the way in which we know how. 

And call on God Almighty to have mercy on us and remove this Coronavirus Plague from our midst.


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