Egypt Is Asking: Where Is Everybody?

May 3, 2012

Egypt Is Asking: Where Is Everybody?

Dr. Pasha

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What is going on in Egypt is heartbreaking. The dream of democracy in Egypt so near and yet so far!

And, as usual, the world is in crisis – one more time.

The world is in crisis due every bit to its own doings – a sum total of its omissions and commissions, all the things it did and failed to do. A fruit in the making if you will of what the world’s own hands have wrought, as they used to say.

Or Bimaa kasabat ayidinnas, as the Qur’an phrased it in its own immortal and timeless words.

Egypt today is a serious challenge to the entire world.

The question is will the world support Egyptian struggle for freedom or will it sit back and watch as Democracy in Egypt is crushed, elections are stolen and the Great Egyptian People are massacred with impunity?

The question that Egypt and the Great Egyptian People are asking today is this: Where is the World? Where is everybody?

They are saying: Will the world stand up in support of Life, Liberty and Democracy for the Egyptian People or will it not?

They are asking: Where is the thundering voice of the World’s Greatest Democracy – America – in support of the struggle of the Egyptian People for freedom and democracy?

They are saying: Where is the wise voice of the largest democracy in the world, India, in support of democracy in Egypt?

They are saying: Where are the voices of the heirs of Magna Carta in UK?

And the voices of those who inherited the mantle of Liberte and Egalite in France that shook the world in 1789?

And where is the EU – the European Union – many of whose members fought for and won their freedom and became democracies only so recently?

And where is that grand old lady of international politics, the United Nations?

And where is the Organization of Islamic Conference?

Where are the Muslim countries and governments and people of the world?

And where are the Muslim Ulamaa and scholars and pious and good people from around the world?

Where are the voices – and prayers – of Islamic parties and organizations from India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Europe, USA and the rest of the world?

And where is everybody else?

And where are the voices of the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury?

What a wonderful opportunity this is for the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury to open a new chapter in Muslim-Christian Interfaith relations by speaking up in support of Egyptian People’s struggle for freedom and democracy!

The Muslim people of Egypt as well as the Coptic Christian people of Egypt!

Isn’t this time for everybody everywhere to speak up? Isn’t it time for them to stand up for freedom and democracy for the Egyptian People?

What, they never heard that ringing cry from the pages of the Qur’an: Koonoo shuhadaa-a lillahi qawwaameena bilqisti?

Paraphrase: Speak up in the name of God and in behalf of God in support of justice and truth! Become fearless champions of justice and rolling drumbeat of truth! Be God’s Voice for Justice in his creation!

Nobody read the Qur’an? No one heard this divine call in the Qur’an?

Where are the Muslims and where are the non-Muslims?

Isn’t this time for Muslims and non-Muslims everywhere, in every nook and cranny of the world, to speak up and to stand up for truth and justice – and democracy – for the Great People of Egypt?

Isn’t this time for all of them to call with one voice on the ruling Egyptian Military Council (SCAF) to dismiss the present puppet government it appointed, because that government has lost the confidence of the freely elected Egyptian Parliament by a sweeping majority?

Isn’t that how democracy is done, where it is done? That a government that loses the confidence of the Parliament resigns, making room for another government to be appointed in its place?

And then isn’t this time for the whole world to call on the ruling Egyptian Military Council (SCAF) to ask the Justice and Freedom Party in the Egyptian Parliament to form the next government immediately because that party has won nearly 50 percent of the seats in the Egyptian parliament in the first free and fair elections in all of Egypt’s history?

So, who in our world today will be the first to make this call – and stick with it and keep repeating it till the great Egyptian People have their day of Freedom and Democracy under the sun?

And how right and proper it will be, if the great American nation were the one to do it!

Or will it be the European Union (EU)?

Or will it be India?

Or will it be the Muslim governments and people of the world?

Or will it be the United Nations?

Who will accept this challenge that the Great Egyptian People have thrown in their lap in this great hour of their need?

And on this great Day of Destiny for the entire world?

Muslims, non-Muslims, everyone, everywhere! Listen up.

You missed the great March of Moses, God bless him, to Freedom, well over 2500 years ago.

And you missed the great March of Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, to Freedom over 1400 years ago.

And you missed the great American Revolution in 1776.

And you missed the great French Revolution in 1789.

You missed out on all those great events that shaped history because Almighty God in his infinite wisdom kept you away from them.

And now the same God has brought you face to face with another turning point in human history, at a very different configuration of time and circumstance.

That history is now being shaped right before your eyes – in Egypt, even as we speak.

Now, God of the world, God of Nature, as Thomas Jefferson would have called him, has placed the power to be a part of that history in your own hands.

All you need to do is speak up. Speak up for truth and justice – and for democracy for the Egyptian People.

For, that is the least that God accepts from those whom he holds responsible for making history. They must speak up.

So speak up and do not miss out this time!


 © 2012 Syed Husain Pasha

Dr. Pasha is an educator and scholar of exceptional 
talent, training and experience. He can be reached at DrSyedPasha [at] 
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