Egypt: Morsi in the Media

Jun 29, 2012

No Way Morsi Can Be Allowed to Win, Says Muslim Prince

The world does not yet fully understand – especially the friends. The enemies have a much clearer understanding of what is happening in Egypt right now.

That is why a Muslim Prince – yes, Muslims have a whole houseful of kings and princes – with trillions of dollars at his disposal is supposed to have declared recently that under no circumstance can we allow a Morsi and Ikhwan victory to become a reality in Egyptian presidential elections.

This was before the runoff vote on June 16, 17, 2012. And it is said about this prince that what this prince wants, this prince gets.

Rivers of Blood If Ikhwan Mess with Gulf States, Says a Muslim Police Chief

Soon after Morsi being declared the winner, the police chief of the Sheikhdom of Emirates is reported to have said that the Egyptians made a serious mistake by electing Morsi. And if the Ikhwan and Morsi interfere in the affairs of the kingdoms and sheikhdoms of the Persian Gulf in any way, they will be swamped in a sea of blood knee deep.

Israel lined up radar equipment along its border with Egypt – just in case.

So, some would say, the enemy knows. It is the friends who do not fully understand.

We of course understand how the media operate. But the fact is that the media are what they are. And often they are our only source of information. So what we find in the media – such as they are – we channel in your direction.

We wish we had the resources to do a better job with it. But this is what we can do – at least for the time being.

Morsi on Forcing Women to Wear Burka

Of course, Morsi is a so-called Islamist. That to the world media means one thing: Fi Fie Fo Fum, put every woman in a Burka.

Morsi, however, it seems does not take his marching orders from the media – thank God, there is at least one Muslim who does not do that.

As a result, Morsi told the editors of the national Egyptian media on Thursday: Women are half of Egypt’s population. How can I force a certain kind of dress on them, when I cannot force a certain kind of belief on them?

Morsi on His Portrait in Government Offices

There is one thing presidents, prime ministers and kings love to have done to them: Have their portraits hung on the walls of government offices. Any exception to this rule was unthinkable.

That is till Morsi got elected president of Egypt and then said: Not me, no portrait of mine is going to be hung in any government office anywhere!

I do not blame the world for being terrified of the so-called Islamists in general and of Morsi in particular. Look what the man has done within a couple of days of being declared the winner of the presidential election. The man is not even sworn in yet.

The world media and all professional propagandists and mealy mouths everywhere will be entirely within their rights in asking: Just where are we headed? What kind of a world is this rabid “Islamist” trying to create for us?

Like Husband, Like Wife: Isn’t One Morsi Enough?

According to our well-beloved media, Mrs. Morsi seems to have a problem – in fact, two problems.

Problem One: Mrs. Morsi does not seem to be too excited about moving into the presidential palace. At least not till the public university entrance exams for her son are over.

I would say serves her right. Having lived all her life in a rented Cairo apartment, like all the deprived masses of Egypt, what would she know about a palace?

Problem Two: Mrs. Morsi does not want to be called “First Lady” of Egypt. Excuse me, what do we call you then? “Hey you, ma’am, or something”?

Our dearly beloved media tell us she does not think the expression “First Lady” makes much sense. What makes sense, media tell us she says, is something like “First Servant Lady of the Egyptian Nation.”

And she seems to ask: What is wrong with “Umm Ahmad” anyway, the way any Egyptian or Muslim woman would like to be called – using the name of her first-born?

I don’t know whether Mrs. Morsi really said any of this or it is another one of those media conspiracy stories. In any case, what is true of the “Islamist” husband seems to be equally true of the “Islamist” wife.

Can’t trust either one of them. And the world has excellent reason to fear either or both of them – I would think our dearly beloved media would tell us.

The Kid, Is He Weird or What: Morsi Kid I Mean

The kid isn’t too far behind either.

I don’t know how “Islamist” he is, but this is how he congratulated his dad on his historic win in Egypt’s presidential elections. He is reported by our dearly beloved media to have sent his dad a message: I will obey and support you if you obey God. But I will turn against you if you disobey God or betray the Revolution.

Thank you, dearly beloved media for bringing all this good stuff to us. If you thought the “Islamist” “folks” were weird, how weird do you think the kid is?

No wonder we can’t trust this “Islamist” president Morsi and also why all good people everywhere must fear him, as our dearly beloved media would tell us.

Is This “Islamist” Mad?

We all know how politicians talk. Add the label “Islamist” to politics and we have reason not only to snicker but to seriously scream in anticipation of all the horror to come.

But what we don’t know about these “Islamists” is that many of them seem to be completely off their rocker.

Certainly, this one – Morsi – seems to be.

Morsi does not want to move to the presidential palace. He wants to continue to stay in his apartment. How sane or reasonable do you think it is? Got to watch him!

Is This “Islamist” President Playing Games?

All kinds of people are coming to Morsi to ask for this, that and something else. Different groups and factions – including the Christian Copts and others – seem to be asking the president to reassure them that their rights will be respected during his term of office.

Recently, he told the editors of national media, who also wanted reassurances, that he, they and every other citizen were all equal partners in their ownership of Egypt.

What is needed, he said, was not for the president to give guarantees to others, but for the president and all other citizens to link hands together to build a better and more prosperous Egypt for all.

Put an “Islamist” in a presidential palace and watch him play these tricks with We the People. How dumb does he think we are?

You Must Be Joking, Right?

“All of you have rights, and it is my duty to see to it that you get them.” So said Morsi when he first opened his mouth on television soon after being declared the winner of the Egyptian presidential runoff on June 16, 17, 2012.

That is what our dearly beloved media told us. So far so good, I said to myself.

But the man went on to say, the media told us, oh yes, by the way, you don’t owe me anything. I have zero rights or claims of any kind on you.

I didn’t know these “Islamists” can joke. Our dearly beloved media didn’t tell us that.

Not the Right Man? Then Why Did You Run?

And then he said in that same speech, our dearly beloved media tell us: “I have become your leader, even though I am in no way the best among you.”

Question: If you don’t think so, sir, then what are you doing running for president and ending up winning the election? Why didn’t you say all this before the vote?

If the answer is, this is what Abu Bakr said when Muslims elected him Khalifah soon after the death of the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and that was 1400 years ago, then who can blame the dearly beloved media for saying that these “Islamists” are really serious about turning the world back to the 7th Century?

Won’t Hold You to It!

Anyway, we love the media. And if we find something useful or interesting that our dearly beloved media tell us Morsi did or said, we will try and bring it to you if we can.

And O yes, another thing. Media say Morsi said: If I don’t deliver on the promises I made during election, you don’t have to obey me. I won’t hold you to the promise of your loyalty to me.

I want to know just what that means.

These “Islamists” are not only funny, they seem to be outright dangerous, the president-elect himself telling the people of Egypt not to obey him if they don’t like him? Now, that is scary!

Which Fox Is Guarding This Henhouse?

Muslims are great people. The Ikhwan, naturally, are among the best of them. And they all love and trust their God so much that they think nothing of getting a fox to guard their henhouses.

It won’t happen if God does not want it, right? Of course not!

But what about commonsense? And what about taking the simple precautions that life dictates? What the Islamic Lore refers to as “Asbaab” – meaning worldly means?

So, the question is: Who is minding Morsi’s security?

Hasanul Banna was shot in public. A man standing next to him during a demonstration shot and killed Dr. Emad Iffat when the Egyptian Revolution first broke.

The question I am asking is: Who is in charge of Morsi’s personal safety and security?


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