Eid Greetings

Oct 6, 2014

Warm and heartfelt Eid Greetings to all. 

Eidul Adhaa -- 2014/1435!

Among Muslims, it is a huge thing: to offer Eid Greetings to each other and to one and all. For both Eidul Fitar and Eidul Adhaa.

Of course, it is more a cultural celebratory practice than what you may call a strict "religious" requirement.

And the etiquette is that the younger ones do it to the older ones. 

And the folks in general do it to their scholars, leaders, elders, seniors -- in age, education, wisdom and things -- and others of that kind.

They call on them in their homes to do that.

This is true of practically all parts of the Muslim World spread across the many continents of the world.

And this has been going on for centuries without letup.

Muslims must ask themselves, everywhere, if this is a practice worth keeping.


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