Eid Mubarak: Ramadan 1434

Aug 8, 2013

May God Almighty shower his choicest blessings on his world during this most blessed occasion of Eidul Fitr 1434.

This Eidul Fitr, many Muslims smart under the worst kind of political, religious and social tyranny around the world.

Qur’an calls this phenomenon Zwulm. And if there is one thing Allah dislikes most, it is Zwulm – people committing atrocities and injustices against people.

This Eid, Muslims of Egypt are paying with their lives just to be able to breathe the air of social, political and religious freedom after decades of military dictatorship. They are defending with their own blood their Democracy, which they won after an unbroken Tyranny (Zwulm) of 60 years.

These Lovers of Democracy are camping out in their millions upon millions in open fields throughout Egypt for over a month protesting a bloody and barbaric coup d’état that a criminal Military Junta headed by arch-criminal General Sisi launched to overthrow Egypt’s only Democratic government in all its history.

The blood of Lovers of Democracy is flowing like water in the streets and open fields of Egypt at the hands of military and police assassins and their hired goons and thugs whose bullets they are facing with nothing but their bare chests and copies of the Qur’an they hold in their hands.

To them I say:

Eid Mubarak and Kullu ‘Aam wa Antum Bikhayir! You are the blessed of the earth. And this Eid is for you.

To the rest of us – Muslim and non-Muslim – around the world I say the following:

First go and look at yourself in the mirror. If you are on the side of the Lovers of Freedom and Democracy in Egypt, then may God Almighty grant you and yours all the blessings and joys of this Eid.

And of many, many, many Eids thereafter – each more wonderful than the other.

But if you are on the side of the Criminal Military Junta headed by the arch-criminal General Sisi who perpetrated this criminal coup d’état in Egypt to destroy Egyptian Democracy, and if you are on the side of corrupt religious leaders like Azhar Shaikh Tayyib who gave this criminal coup d’état his blessings, and if you are on the side of the corrupt Gulf rulers who financed this criminal coup d’état with their stolen $billions, then to you all I say:

May God withhold the blessings and joys of this Eid from you and yours and may this Eid be the last one you will ever witness before God rids his beautiful earth from your vile burden and you are dragged out to stand before him naked and alone to face the consequences of your criminal action and inaction and speech and silence.

Your God is very close indeed and he hears and sees everything. And if there is one thing he abhors more than anything else it is people like you subjecting innocent human beings like the Lovers of Democracy and Freedom in Egypt to continued Zwulm and injustices and atrocities.

Happy Eidul Fitr 1434 to all who are on the side of justice and truth and freedom and democracy! In Egypt and everywhere else!

And may God take those who fight these and fight the Lovers of Democracy and Freedom! In Egypt and everywhere else!


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