August 5, 2019 – April 5, 2020:
Eight Months of Brutal Kashmir Lockdown Like Nothing Else Before [Quote – 1015]

Apr 5, 2020

For eight long months, India’s Fascist Government, headed by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, imposed a deadly Lockdown on eight million Muslims of Kashmir. And used a military force of nearly one million to enforce that curfew.

Which was in addition to large phalanxes of the ruling party’s own paramilitary goons and thugs.

The world did not shed a tear. The world said nothing. And the world did nothing.

All the corrupt rulers of the Muslim world stood around and twirled their mustaches and beards and looked the other way. Their emotional bonds with India’s Fascist Rulers too strong and their fear of Islam and Muslims, even in distant Kashmir, too great.

And now the whole world is shut down by what Lawyers would call an Act of God: something that comes out of the blue, totally unexpected, and turns everything upside down.

There is Lockdown everywhere, including India.

And there is death everywhere. And suffering of the kind that makes your skin crawl just to hear people talk about it.

Who is going to cry for the world now as God Almighty’s Wrath and Vengeance catch up with it, just like the Bible Prophesies they would?

Didn’t the Bible say: The Lord is a Vengeful God? Well, that same Vengeful God is in action now, not that he was ever not in action and that he was ever not in total command of the situation.

Now, then, is the time for the Kashmir Curfew to be totally lifted, and the long-suffering 8,000,000 people of Kashmir to be set free.

Now also is the time for all sanctions from all weaker countries and societies of the world to be removed.

And for all injustices and atrocities perpetrated by the strong on the weak and the defenseless to cease.

Otherwise, the present calamity afflicting the world today in the form of Coronavirus may neither be the worst nor the last.

Don’t take my word for it, just read your Bible.


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