Escaping the Vengeance of the Most Powerful Avenger: How Can It Be Done?

Dec 27, 2016


Escaping the Vengeance of the Most Powerful Avenger: 
How Can It Be Done?

Dr. Pasha

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Allah is first and Allah is last. 

Huwal Awwalu Wal Aakhir. 

So, what does “past,” “present” and “future” really mean? Or, for that matter, what does “now” and “then” mean?

And since planet earth is more or less spherical in shape, and the cosmos is in perpetual motion, what does “here” and “there” and “somewhere else” mean?

Ash-Shamsa Wal Qamara,
Kullun Yajri Li-ajalin Musammaa

For Allah, it is all the same.

And in his eternal decree, everything that has to happen has already happened. We mortals become aware of details as we get to crawl to the specific Space-Time coordinates and intersections that are mapped out for us by the Most Perfect Planner, following the Script written for the life of each one of us.

Wa Li-kulli Ajalin Kitaab!

And Allah’s decree, call it Sunnatullah, in this world, in this Dunya, the Divine Law if you will, is one of Cause and Effect

Make no mistake: Cause-Effect: X-Y.

And that is because of humans. They need these categories of thought by which to organize their lives and using which they can make sense of the universe in which they live.

And the Divine Law of Cause and Effect in this world is immutable, barring Extreme Repentance. And by that I mean not just “routine” verbal chanting of Tawubah and Astaghfaar, but Tadarru‘.

And that means crying before Allah; begging Allah for mercy and for forgiveness of transgressions; and wailing and screaming in pain and agony, and writhing on the ground as it were, over the terrible things we have done.

That is what I mean by Extreme Repentance.

And by “we,” I mean the Muslim Ummah. You, I and everyone else.

Name one terrible thing this Ummat has not done? 

Have we not become a nation of priests, pundits and rabbis?

Have we not replaced the God-given system of electoral political system with every conceivable mode of tyranny, from hereditary kingship to generational landlordship to tribal chieftainry?

Have we not turned the Qur’an into a joke, and Islam into a “Religion,” and Hadith into “Traditions,” and Salaat into a “Ritual“? 

And was it not the so-called Arabs among us, those who now call themselves Saudis, Jordanians, Qataris, Emirates, Bahrainis and others, who ganged up on the Muslims of Turkey in the beginning of the 20th Century, and who then joined the British and the French Colonizers in dismembering the Muslim Turkish Empire, and thus played a pivotal role in the creation of the state of Israel and the subsequent displacement and genocide of the Palestinian People?

Was it not Muslim Arabs who did all that? 

And was it not Muslim soldiers in the pay of their Colonial Masters from land that is now India and Pakistan?

And then was it not the same culprits who, at the bidding of their foreign masters, backed Saddam Hussein of Iraq to invade neighboring Iran and wage a war of aggression against that country for nearly a decade from 1980 to 1988 with millions of Muslims dead and maimed and widowed and orphaned on both sides?

Do you think there was a God listening to their cries?

Was it not the same criminals who, once again following the orders of their foreign owners, ganged up on President Mohammad Morsi of Egypt and destroyed his democratically elected government, the closest that any Muslim government ever came to Khilaafat Raashidah, and opened the floodgates of torrents upon torrents of innocent blood on the ancient soil of Egypt?

And is it not the same thugs who have turned the entire so-called gulf region into concentration-style labor camps for millions upon millions of slave laborers from India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and other places, and where societies have become cesspools of political corruption, economic exploitation, international intrigue, personal profligacy and moral degeneracy?

And all the mayhem that is let loose on the Muslims of the world over the past 30-40 years, who do you think is directly or indirectly behind all that anti-Muslim Armageddon that is raging in every Muslim land, from Afghanistan and Syria to Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia and everywhere else, if not these devils in human shape — Shayaateenal Insi, as the Qur’an uses that expression?

How many Muslims have you ever heard raise a voice against any of these injustices, against any of these atrocities? How many have you seen shedding even a silent tear?

When did a Muslim ever talk about the state of health in the so-called Muslim societies of the world? 

Or the state of education? 

Or the state of human rights? 

Or the nature of government or the state of the bureaucracy?

All the mega-conventions and conferences that Muslims of America and England and Europe and other places organize so routinely and so frequently, how many of them ever address any of these issues even obliquely and in passing?

How many Jum’ah Khutbah-Givers in the mosques across the UK can really speak the language of their Jum’ah Congregation (God’s own English language) with fluency, mastery and authority, and with persuasive and informative effectiveness and power?

How many fellows, many of them new converts, with all kinds of murky backgrounds and fuzzy qualifications have usurped the most revered title of “Imam” and attached it to their own names as a prefix so they will turn into professional Islamic leaders and fundraisers, and so they will use it as a meal ticket for themselves, and so it will qualify them to be considered by a naive American public and mercenary American media, “Islamic Preachers,” an “Islamic Clergymen,” and an “Islamic Chaplains”?

In doing all this, these racketeers have successfully shut the door of Islam in the face of a hungry and beautiful American public, do you realize that, while they strut about flaunting all kinds of Ethnic Costuming drawn from various parts of the Muslim world, representing a wide range of Muslim cultural backgrounds and practices, and parading all that mumbo-jumbo as the real face of Islam on American and European and British streets?

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