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“Dr. Pasha Renews Call for World Day of Democracy to be observed on:
1st Rajab, 1441 / March 1st, 2020”

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And a UK Conference Made in Heaven

Dr. Pasha 

May 23: World Day of Democracy!

We call on the world – the entire world, Muslim as well as non-Muslim; in the East as well as in the West – to declare and celebrate Wednesday, May 23, 2012, as WORLD DAY OF DEMOCRACY.

This year, May 23 coincides with 1st of the blessed month of Rajab Al-Murajjab Al-Ahsab Al-Asamm

For, democracy is Islam and Islam is from Allah!

And it is the first day of Presidential Elections in Egypt.

Islam was sent into this world by the maker and master of the world to guarantee basic freedoms and rights to all human beings, regardless of their race, gender or religion.

Umar’s Words: Lodestar of Democracy

As sayyidina Umar put it, people are born free, and part of their right to freedom is their inalienable right to choose their own governments and elect their own leaders and rulers – in every place and in every age.

The words of Hazrat Umar have been the lodestar of democracy through the ages. They have shaped the fight for freedom on the part of all oppressed people throughout the world over the past 1400 years.

And here they are, those earth-shattering words of Hazrat Umar:

Mata’asta’abadtumunnaas, wa qad waladathum Ummhaatuhum Ahraaraa!


“How dare you enslave people – People/Annaas as the Qur’an calls them– and deny them their freedoms and rights, when their own mothers gave birth to them as free men and women in this world?”

Egyptian Presidential Elections – And Freedom-Loving People Everywhere

As I said earlier, this call for WORLD DAY OF DEMOCRACY on this day of May 23, 2012 – 1st of Rajab, 1433– coincides with the first day of presidential elections in Egypt.

And the blessed month of Rajab is the month of Bi’athat – according to some.

The fight of the Great People of Egypt for freedom and Democracy is the Badr of our time. To support and participate in it is a FardAin – incumbent on all freedom-loving people everywhere.  

No matter who we are, and no matter where we are, if we truly love freedom and democracy, then it is our duty to throw into it everything we have – I mean the Great Egyptian People’s fight for freedom and democracy in this Egyptian presidential election cycle.

When confronted with a similar life-or-death situation earlier for freedom and democracy in the history of Islam, Umar brought half of his wealth and gave it to the public treasury.

Abu Bakr did even better: he brought everything he had – leaving only Allah and his Rasul, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, behind for himself and his family.

Let Us Not Miss This Opportunity!

You and I were not at Badr. But we are here now. And this is our opportunity.

Dr. Muhammad Mursi and the Ikhwan are fighting the fight the Sahabah – the noble companions of the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam – fought.

For justice, truth, equality, freedom and democracy – for all.

The Great People of Egypt – and Dr. Mursi and the Ikhwan – are now fighting the great fight for freedom and democracy for all.

Physically, we are separated by thousands of miles of sand and sea and air from them – and from Egypt. But cognitively and emotionally – and spiritually – the Great Egyptian People and Dr. Mursi and Ikhwan are in our hearts and minds and souls.

For, their fight for freedom and democracy for the Great Egyptian People is the fight of every one of us everywhere for freedom and democracy for all the people of the world.

Therefore, just being where we are, we can still do a great deal to help the Great Egyptian People in their fight for freedom and help the universal and divine cause of freedom and democracy and justice for all.

We can, and we will, Bi-Idhnillah, by God’s will, command and mercy, change the world. And make it a better and freer place for all human beings, regardless of their race, religion, gender or nationality.

Ending Kingship and Restoring Democracy

For, the time has come, one more time, for the world to end tyranny in all its forms and manifestations and restore freedom and democracy to the people of the world everywhere.

The way Umar bin Abdul Aziz, nearly 1300 years ago, ended kingship and restored democracy to the world – starting with the Muslim world.

The world today deserves another chance at freedom and democracy after Umar bin Abdul Aziz.

Wherever You Are, Call a Conference

Here is what I respectfully suggest we all do: Call a conference.

Don’t worry who will or will not attend.

Malaa-ikah (Angels) and their RabbRabbul ‘Aalameen – will be there, in such a conference. What more can you ask for?

The great Battle of Badr during the life of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, was not won by men – it was won by Malaa-ikah (Angels) and Rabbul Malaa-ikah.

Because it was a battle between Right and Wrong and between Truth and Falsehood and between Oppression and Tyranny on the one hand and Freedom and Justice on the other hand.

So, set aside Saturday, May 19, 2012 for this great big conference of yours in the service of Democracy and Freedom for the world.

Or make it Sunday, May 20, 2012, if that is more convenient for you.

Bi-Idhnillah – do so in the name and with the command of God.

The Battle of Badr Was Fought for Freedom for All

That is what Badr was. It was a primordial human struggle for basic human freedoms, democracy, justice, equality and dignity for all human beings everywhere.

Most of all, it was a fight to give all human beings on earth the right to worship the God of their choice, without hindrance or force or coercion from anyone.

That is why the Qur’an calls it Yawumal Furqaan – the Day of Decision and Separation.

It was the day on which the fate of the world was decided with finality and certitude. It was the day in which the wheat was separated from the chaff – and boys were separated from the men.

It was a day on which Truth and Justice and Freedom and Democracy won a decisive and lasting victory.

A Special Democracy Conference for UK

UK has a special place in history – and in the hearts and minds of freedom-loving people everywhere – for its own relentless struggle for freedom and democracy for its people.

Whether it was the struggle of the Irish or the Scots for freedom, or whether it was the great effort that the Magna Carta embodied to limit the power of absolute kingship, the British march toward freedom and democracy has been inexorable.

Therefore, it is only fit and proper that at this particular juncture in history a new cry of support for freedom and democracy for Egypt – and for the rest of the world – should also rise from the soil of Britain.

It is, therefore, my respectful submission that this is what the people of UK – both Muslim and non-Muslim, Ikhwan and non-Ikhwan – must do: They must organize a conference on Saturday, May 19, or on Sunday, May 20, 2012, whichever date is most convenient for them, in support of the struggle of the Great Egyptian People for Freedom and Democracy in Egypt – and throughout the world.

UK Democracy Conference: Some Program Pointers

Here are some helpful hints and pointers on program planning for the proposed UK Democracy Conference:

  1. Depending entirely on the convenience and discretion of the organizers, the UK Democracy Conference can get Dr. Muhammad Mursi and Mr. Khairat Shatir, the Ikhwan leaders, to address the Conference over the phone or on Skype from Cairo – for 5 minutes or more each, knowing how busy they are.
  2. And, if they think it is appropriate, the conference organizers can get Shaikh Rachid Ghanouchi from Tunis to address the Conference over the phone or on Skype for 5-10 minutes.
  3. And if they think it is appropriate, they can get Ken Livingstone as well as the newly re-elected mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to attend and address the Conference for 5 minutes each.
  4. If they come, Alhamdulillah. If they say no, again Alhamdulillah. As they say: Kullun min ‘indillah – all is from Allah.

    I have a feeling both these gentlemen will come.

  5. Invite Cherie Blair, but not her husband Tony Blair, to attend and speak for 5 minutes.
  6. Invite George Galloway to come and speak for 5 minutes.
  7. Invite Baroness Warsi to come and speak for 5 minutes.
  8. Have Dr. Abdul Barr from Al-Azhar, Cairo, to make a Du’a over the phone or on Skype.
  9. Have Dr. Badie from Cairo say a few words over the phone or Skype.
  10. Start working on it now, get your best people to hit the phones and make it happen.

UK Democracy Conference: Some Additional Program Pointers

Send out invitations to the following people, with the idea that whoever accepts, accepts; and whoever does not, does not.

If they accept that is from Allah. And if they don’t, that is also from Allah. Because Allah is Fa’aalul limaa yureed. He does precisely what he wants.

So, here is the suggested list:

  1. Prime Minister Cameron.
  2. Deputy Prime Minister Clegg.
  3. Labour Leader Miliband.
  4. Archbishop of Canterbury.
  5. Invite the Press from UK.
  6. Invite the News Agencies.

There! Voila!

Mashallah, there, you have a full day’s worth of program, and a whole list of speakers and participants, for the proposed UK Democracy Conference of 2012 in support of Democracy in the Middle East and around the world.

Preparing to Meet the Press: Some Pointers

A free press runs the free world, of which we are all a part. Those who want to support democracy and freedom in the world must become experts at interacting positively and creatively with a free press.

Here are some helpful pointers on what they can do in this regard:

  1. Thoroughly coach and prepare one or more of your best people – and I mean the very best of the best – to address the Press and answer their questions.
  2. Select that spokesperson carefully and train that person thoroughly. If you can, let that expert be a woman. 
  3. Prepare a Press Kit or Media Package consisting of the best write-ups, photos and videos for distribution among the members of the press.
  4. Organize a Press Conference in which Dr. Mursi will address the press over the phone or on Skype for a few minutes and then take a few questions from the floor.
  5. Get one of your best people to preside over that Press Conference.

Let Us Change the World

May Allah bless and help the wonderful brothers and sisters, Ikhwan and non-Ikhwan, Muslim and non-Muslim, in UK, to accomplish this most noble goal of standing up for Democracy and Freedom in Egypt and the world over – through this proposed UK Democracy Conference for 19th or 20th of May, 2012.

This will change the world – Bi-Idhnillah.

Following Sayyidina Isa, Alaihis Salam, this proposed UK Democracy Conference will say to the world: Qum Bi-Idhnillah – Rise in the Name of God!

It will say: Rise from your death of slavery and bondage and be reborn in freedom and democracy.

And the world shall rise and it “Shall Have a New Birth of Freedom” and Democracy, inshallah. How beautifully Abraham Lincoln spoke those words in his Gettysburg Address.

A New Shower of Blessings from Above

For, make no mistake, a new shower of the Rahmat of Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim on his earth is about to begin.

And it shall be through a new rebirth of the message of Nabiyyur Rahmah, Rahmatulil ‘Aalameen, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, throughout this world.

And part of it shall be in the form of a new rise of hope and freedom and democracy in the whole world.

Let the UK Democracy Conference – and all the other conferences around the world – being proposed here for 19th or 20th May, 2012, to celebrate the WORLD DAY OF DEMOCRACY be the next big step in our time in that direction.