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“Dr. Pasha Renews Call for World Day of Fasting to be observed on:
27 Ramadan, 1444 / April 25th, 2023”

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Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem!
In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful!

Faiths of the World Unite!
Dr. Pasha Issues Call for Joint
Celebration of World Day of Fasting

To be observed on Tuesday April 25th, 2023/Ramadan 27th 1444

Dr. Pasha


  1. Faiths of the World Unite!

  2. And It Makes Perfect Sense

  3. The Bible Has Only One God

  4. Echoes Elsewhere

  5. Divine Law of Cooperation

  6. Hear the Qur’an Speak

  7. Divine Law of Non-Aggression

  8. Divine vs. Human Legislation

  9. Islam Is about Finding Common Ground

  10. An Entire Theory of National and International Cooperation

  11. Shared Culture of Fasting

  12. A World Day of Fasting

  13. Let Leadership Everywhere Issue a Common Call

  14. Doing the Best You Can: That Is the Islamic Way

  15. World Day of Fasting 2008: Ramadan 1429 – The How-To Part

  16. Some Comments and Explanations

  17. Intention Is Key to Action

  18. Stay Away from All Things Bad – And Try to Do Whatever Good You Can

  19. Consult Your Friendly Family Bible

  20. Love Your Family: For, That Is Islam

  21. And Love Your Neighbor. For, That Is Also Islam

  22. Kick the Booze – and All Other Drugs – Even If It Is Just for One Day

  23. Don’t Forget Islam Is Moderation – And Muslims Are People Too!

  24. Punctuality and Timeliness

  25. Late Wedding, in America, But Punctual Fast Breaking in India!

  26. Sex during Ramadan

  27. Talk to God Personally and Discover the Power of Prayer

  28. Talk to God How You Can

  29. How Can You Go Wrong?

Faiths of the World Unite!

Faiths of the World unite! For, to parody Marx, what do you have to lose except maybe your prejudice, fear and distrust of one another?

And maybe a little bit of your smugness and arrogance that you alone are right and everyone else is wrong?

For, your shared motto in this time of peril for humanity should be: Serve Humanity or Perish! And that, if you haven’t noticed, is what is happening to so many religions around the world. They are withering on the vine through their lack of relevance and applicability to the human situation in its totality and full diversity.

It is, therefore, in our view, time for the different faiths, religions and cultures of the world to come together to create a common culture of hope for humanity!

Not by compromising or giving up all or any of the core elements of your unique identity or belief, but by exploring commonalities and continuities in your several faiths, belief systems and experiences.

For, as God is the God of all, mutual cooperation should also be the joint motto, spirit and common goal of all – at least all those seriously searching for or sincerely professing faith in God.

And It Makes Perfect Sense

And it makes perfect sense.

For, if the entire universe is one inter-correlated kaleidoscope of diversities and multiplicities, then it makes sense for the ultimate origin and source of that universe to be one too.

Again, it stands to reason that the central message going out from that one central seat of power, knowledge and authority – God Almighty – to the peripheries of the universe should also be one.

That is why all divine sources of guidance to humanity, no matter how you look at them, in one way or another they all come round to talking about one God, the maker and master of all.

The Bible Has Only One God

That could be the reason, do you think, why there is such striking near-unanimity among the Biblical Prophets – and the Bible – in their basic message of monotheism, notwithstanding eons separating some of them from some others?

The Bible and the Prophets agree on one thing: There is only one God.

If Abraham was an uncompromising iconoclast, and monotheist, the first article in the Law of Moses, hundreds of years later, The First Commandment, proclaimed: Thou shalt have no God besides God.

For Jesus, hundreds of years later, the most important commandment was also: Thou shalt have no God besides God.

Don’t take my word for it, read your Bible.

And yet hundreds more years later, the alpha and omega of the message of Muhammad – May God bless him and all the other prophets of God – was Laa Ilaaha Illaa Allah, meaning: There is no God but God.

Echoes Elsewhere

Hindus claim the freedom to apotheosize, venerate and worship anything that makes sense to them. But the cognoscenti among the followers of the Hindu faith would concede that presiding over all the wealth of numbers and variations in the Hindu pantheon is the Supreme Lord, referred to by many names, including Brahman.

Engage the wise and the learned among Native Americans in a discussion on this topic and they will keep bringing you back to what they would call the Great Being.

So, if, more or less by common consent among the belief systems and faiths of the world, God is one, and his core message to his creation is also one, it makes sense that at least some of the basic practices emanating from that divine source should also be bound by a common thread.

Don’t you think so?

Divine Law of Cooperation

Muslims, why not tell the world a simple and most basic truth about Islam – that Islam is about the divine law of cooperation?

That is right. Divine Law of Cooperation – that is what Islam is all about.

I don’t know. So, help me if you will – Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Which other system – from 1400 years ago – tells its people, in such clear and categorical terms, to let cooperation be the guiding principle in their life?

Which other system – from 1400 years ago – issues a general call to the adherents and practitioners of all other systems in the world to come and sit around a table to thrash things out between them and emerge with a commonly agreed agenda or set of beliefs and principles?

I know for a fact that Islam does those things: from 1400 years ago. Those are then among the guiding principles of the Islamic way of life. At least they should be. Those then should be among the fundamental beliefs and practices of Islam, right?

They are.