Late Wedding, in America, But Punctual Fast Breaking in India!

O miracle of miracles!

The same people who may think nothing of starting a wedding several hours late in America – I am saying that because I have seen that happen – as immigrants will break down every barrier in sight to rush to break the fast at the stroke of the hour, even in most habitually tardy and unpunctual places like India.

That is what Ramadan does to Muslims.

It is plain out of this world how everyone works to the clock during the beginning as well as the breaking of the fast during Ramadan.

So, promptly at sunset, break the fast, but eat and drink in moderation. This is important. For, after fasting the whole day, your entire body and mind will be agog for any sign of sunset and screaming for food and drink – more and more and more of it.

But it is not good for you to eat a lot of food or consume a lot of liquids immediately after breaking the fast. Because the tighter you pack your body with food and drink, the worse you are going to feel.

So, at the first sign of sunset, break your fast promptly and eat and drink moderately.

And when you set about eating and consuming liquid, make sure you don’t overdo it either, because the temptation to do so will be great.

But if you eat or drink too much, you will begin to feel quite uncomfortable. So, keep it in check.

Sex during Ramadan

While you are fasting, stay away from sex too. Abstinence at the time of fasting is absolutely mandated.

Sex in Islam is neither taboo nor dirty. In fact – now get ready for this! – sex is an act of worship in Islam, provided it is between husband and wife.

Sex outside marriage is strictly forbidden in Islam. No ifs or buts about that.

Intercourse during fast is also not allowed. But you return to normal conjugal intimacy with your spouse during the night, once you break your fast and till you start your fast of the next day before dawn the next morning.

Talk to God Personally and Discover the Power of Prayer

Ramadan is not just about fasting. It is also about prayer. So, this is your opportunity to discover the power of prayer.

Let me ask you this: Did you ever talk to God in private and in person? Did you ever have a one-on-one personal audience with him?

When was it you ever did that?

Did anyone ever tell you that you could? That it was possible for you to do that? And showed you how?

Well, now is your chance of a private, personal and exclusive tete-a-tete with the all mighty God himself.

Don’t miss out. Go for it.

Tell God how happy you are to be fasting. And then pour your heart out to him. And your feelings, and your joys, and your sorrows. And all your troubles.

Don’t hold anything back.

Pray to God Almighty to shower his peace and blessings upon you – and yours.

And upon all of God’s good people everywhere. For, all of humanity is your family too. That is what Islam says anyway.

And bear in mind that what you ask for others shall also be given to you. That is God’s way with people: What you recommend, you also get.

Let us not forget that the right to petition God – alone and in private – is our most sacred and fundamental right. And it is from this divine and most inalienable of all rights that all our other rights flow.

That is why this right – the right to petition God, alone and in private – must be cherished and utilized to the full by every one of us.

And no one should be allowed to take that right away from us: not priests; not rabbis; not pundits; not mullahs; not anyone else.

Talk to God How You Can

You know God. So, talk to him the way it works for you.

You know where and how to find him. So, run to him, says the Qur’an.

The Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, says, God says, he is exactly where you think he is – as far or as close as you think.

Islam says: God is closer to you than you think.

The Qur’an says: Call him and he will respond.

So, go look for him. And then turn to him and pray.

Tell yourself that now is your chance. So, take God up on his word. Ask him for what you want. And ask him to bless you.

And bless your neighborhood, and your community, and your society and the whole world.

Ask him to feed the hungry; to clothe the naked; to heal the sick and wounded; and to comfort those in pain.

Don’t forget, hunger is a great leveler, and as human beings we are all in this together.

And ask him to protect you – and yours – from all harm and evil. And from the Devil, for, the Devil is no one’s friend.

And ask God to shower his blessings upon your family and friends. And upon your community and society – and upon the entire world, for, there is no shortage in his treasure of what he can give.

Don’t forget we are only limited by what we ask, provided it is something good, both for us and others.

So, this is your chance to discover your God, your maker and master, and say “Hello” to him. How long will you treat him as a stranger? How long will you run or stay away from him? How long will you shut him out of your life – and our world?

Take a chance with God. Give God a try, he won’t mind.

So this is the World Day of Fasting to which we are calling everyone everywhere, this coming 27th of September, 2008, Ramadan 1429.

How Can You Go Wrong?

Now in the end, this is what I want to ask you: How can you possibly go wrong with any of this?

And if you cannot practice or observe all of these things, then do whatever you can. For, that is God’s law for human beings: Do the Best You Can.

So, if you cannot fast for the full day, fast at least for a part of the day. And if you are going to do that, it doesn’t really matter which part.

Do what you can. For, that is Islam.

So, once again, this is the World Day of Fasting we are calling the world to: in this blessed month of Ramadan 1429.

And every Ramadan thereafter.

So, let everyone everywhere come together in a common celebration of the World Day of Fasting.

This year and every following year for the rest of our lives!

Let us join hands to create a Common Culture of peace, joy, love and Hope for Humanity!

By doing this, we may not solve all the problems of the world. But it is a good beginning.


© 2008-2020 Syed Husain Pasha.

Dr. Pasha is an educator and community worker.